Student Life

Performing Arts

Students have the opportunity to explore many genres of the performing arts through Maharishi School's elective courses... More

Visual Arts

In the study of art at Maharishi School, students gain a working understanding of the principles of art and design and become familiar with analyzing and understanding art works... More

Athletics Program

Middle and Upper School students are welcome to join team sports. Varsity, Junior Varsity, or Freshman / Sophomore teams provide a challenge for every skill level... More

Natural Health Program

As a student at Maharishi School, you’ll learn simple but highly effective methods for creating and maintaining a balanced state of health... More

Nature Explore Day Camp

Maharishi School Nature Explore Day Camp is our Summer Program for children 5-10 years old. More

Creative Problem Solving

Destination ImagiNation (DI) is the world's largest creativity and problem-solving competition and inspires participants in its programs to devise original solutions... More

Food and Nutrition for Our Students

Students may eat in our cafeteria, go home at lunchtime and eat with their families or choose from many restaurants... More

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