Maharishi School Students Attain Unprecedented Results at Science Fair

Pandora Wadsworth and Yogita SinghThis year Maharishi School reached unprecedented heights in Science Fair Competition. Seven students chose to compete, two 9th graders and five 10th graders. The students competed at two state fairs – the Eastern Iowa Science Fair (EISEF), Mar 21st, and the State Science Fair (SSTFI), March 27th-28th.

Raph BurnesFive of the students were then invited to participate at the Iowa Junior Academy of Science (IJAS) competition on April 17th at Des Moines University, and three of the students, Raph Burne, Pandora Wadsworth and Yogita Singh were chosen to represent Iowa at the INTEL International Competition at Reno, Nevada.

This is only the second year of Maharishi School’s participation at the senior high level. The students were extremely motivated and worked for long hours with their mentors and qualified scientists, overcoming great challenges in designing their experiments, conducting them and then creating presentation boards, power points, and posters on their chosen topics. They learned the scientific method thoroughly and also mastered their subject and developed excellent presentation skills. They have been subjected to rigorous questioning sessions by several university professors and have been judged to be the very best high school science students of Iowa.

Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair held at Cedar Rapids, IA on March 21st, 2009.

Only five projects were entered from the Maharishi School at this Fair.

  1. Pandy Wadsworth & Yogita Singh “A Study on Ozone Pollution In A Small Midwest Town” EISEF: Senior Champion and a $500 scholarship for each to the Engineering College at either the University of Iowa or Iowa State University and EISEF: Class I, Senior Biological and INTEL ISEF Trip winners
  2. Atreya Dey “Comparing the Effects of Commonly Used Insecticides on alpha-amylase Activity” EISEF: Class I, Senior Physical
  3. Pearl Sawhney “Can Vegetarianism Be A Solution to Obesity and Environmental Problems?” EISEF: Class I, Senior Biological
  4. Raph Burne “Sustainable Insulation & Conservation: Keeping Heat In & Sound Out” EISEF: Class II, Senior Physical
  5. Minna Mohammadi “Comparing phosphorus levels in tofu made from different kinds of soybeans, as a measure of bioavailability of iron” EISEF: Class II, Senior Biologicaland the Alan B. Adams Meritorious Achievement
  6. Mousumi DeyDr. Dey Teacher of the winning team - V.O Hasek Award and ISEF Banner

State Science & Engineering Fair at Ames, Iowa State University, March 27 -28th, 2009.

Only six projects with seven students were entered at this fair.

  1. Grand Award: Yogita Singh & Pandy Wadsworth
  2. Grand Award and INTEL ISEF trip winner: Raph Burne
  3. Overall Senior High Individual: Raph Burne
  4. Overall Senior High Team: Yogita Singh & Pandy Wadsworth
  5. Grand Award Senior High Semifinalist: Atreya Dey
  6. Grand Award Senior High Semifinalist: Minna Mohammadi
  7. Senior High Category Award 1st Place: Biochemistry: Atreya Dey
  8. Senior High category Award 1st Place: Engineering: Raph Burne
  9. Senior High Category Award 1st place: Earth Science (Team): Yogita & Pandy
  10. Senior High Category Award 2nd place: Biochemistry: Minna Mohammadi
  11. Senior High Category Award 3rd place: Medicine & Health: Pearl Sawney
  12. Senior High Category Award 3rd place: Cellular & Microbiology: Dominic Borg
  13. Special Award IJAS : Raph Burne
  14. IJAS awards: Atreya Dey, Pearl Sawhney, Minna Mohammadi, Dominic Borg
  15. National Oceanographic Atmospheric Association (NOAA): Yogita Singh & Pandy Wadsworth
  16. U.S. Department of Health & Human Services: Pearl Sawhney ($500.00 scholarship)
  17. U.S Air Force Senior Award: Raph Burne
  18. U.S Army Senior Award: Raph Burne
  19. U.S Marine/ Navy Senior Award: Atreya Dey
  20. Seminar Awards:
    1. 2nd Place Physical: Raph Burne
    2. 2nd Place Team: Yogita Singh & Pandy Wadsworth
    3. 4th Place Physical: Atreya Dey
    4. 6th Place Biological: Pearl Sawhney

    21. Teacher Awards – Grand Prize and Free trip to INTEL ISEF and Teacher Incentive Award winner

Iowa Junior Academy of Science Award (by invitation only) at DesMoines, April 17, 2009

Winners: Pearl Sawhney and Raph Burne

They will be representing Iowa in San Diego, CA at the National Academy of Science competition in February, 2010.

INTEL ISEF Winners from EISEF & SSTFI represented Iowa at the International Science & Engineering fair held at Reno, Nevada from May 9th – 15th where they joined many Nobel laureates and 1500 of the best science students in the world.

Raph Burne: Awarded Navy- Marine Award and an $8,000 scholarship to any college and overall 4th place in his category of Energy and Materials Engineering and $500.00.

Pandora Wadsworth & Yogita Singh: Awarded 3rd place – American Meteriological Society and $500.00 to be shared equally.