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LS 05/25/12

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Registration Deposits Due Tomorrow, Monday, May 21, 2012 Sunday, May 20

Dear Parents, Registration Deposits are due tomorrow, May 21st. The Student Accounts Office will be open from 9 am until 5 pm. If you will not be paying your deposit tomorrow, it is imperative that you contact the Student Accounts Office in the morning, 641-472-9400, ext. 5076. Please remember that each continuing student who registers after May 21st will be charged a $300 late registration fee (maximum $600 per family) which will be added to their... Read More »

Yagya Fundraiser Beats the Goal!

Thank you all for making the phone calls to bring the benefits of the yagya performances to our school and community. These fundraisers help to pay our operating costs...which help lower our tuition costs. It's a win-win for the parents, the School and the community. Our goal for the Yagya fundraiser was $50,000. We've received more than $60,000! Yahoo! Congratulations. We have one more school-sponsored fundraiser to help parents raise their $500 per child fundraising obligation...the... Read More »

LS 05/11/12

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LS 04/27/12

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4 Days Left

There are just 4 days left to join in the Maharishi Yagya performances. Starting the evening of Tuesday, May 2, they will inspire the continuing growth and prosperity of our wonderful community. All donations are welcome and tax deductible. Twenty percent of your gift goes directly to the performances and eighty percent covers the ongoing costs of Maharishi School. To donate online, go to: http://www.donation.msae.us or call us at 641-472-0094. And remember that any donation inspired... Read More »

LS 04/20/12

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April News From Dr. Beall

Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts for a ride through the last few days of Maharishi School life… Department of Education Last Wednesday was DOE-Day for our Lower School, the long-awaited visit by Iowa Department of Education accreditation team. It’s the culmination of a 5-year cycle that required extensive preparation of files documenting all manner of academic, personnel, and governance information. Lower School Director Laura Bordow led the process, investing many extra hours—especially in the... Read More »

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Seed-to-Table Kitchen Fundraiser Launched

We just launched our fundraising campaign for the seed-to-table kitchen at Maharishi School. Visit this link on Kickstarter to watch the short video and find out... 
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Essa Leaps Beyond Competition

At the track meet on April 4 Essa Johnson began where she left off last season with an Impressive win in the Girls Long Jump. She was competing... 
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