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Project-Based Learning Sparks Creativity and Builds Skills at Maharishi School

Project-based learning is an integral part of the curriculum at Maharishi School, a private boarding and day school in Fairfield, Iowa.  Each quarter, students have a choice between several project courses and are also free to design and execute a proposal of their choosing.  Last year Upper School teacher Mark Wilkins offered raku ceramics as a... Read More »

Maharishi School Students Host Empty Bowls Event to Raise Money for the Hungry

Upper School students at Maharishi School worked for an entire quarter to host an Empty Bowls event with the aim of raising funds to alleviate local and global hunger.                                                      "Empty... Read More »

Maharishi School 1-2-3 Boys Visit Nature Center

Maharishi School first through third grade boys have been studying insects since the beginning of the school year, and last week they got the chance to put their knowledge to the test!  The boys spent an afternoon at Jefferson County Park with naturalist Therese Cumminskey, sweeping the prairie section of the park with insect nets and... Read More »

Maharishi School Ninth Graders Rebuild Computers For Sale!

Maharishi School ninth graders have been learning computer science this quarter, and are ready to share what they've learned with the community! The class is rebuilding, under the supervision of teacher Cathy Wadsworth,  HP Compaq Microtower desktop computers. Not only are they rebuilding them, they are marketing and selling them before the conclusion of school. The... Read More »

Acclaimed Edu-documentary “Most Likely to Succeed” Free on Sunday/Monday at Fairfield Public Library

Parents, educators, and all interested are invited to an exclusive screening of "Most Likely to Succeed," an edu-documentary about alternative approaches to education for the 21st century. The free film will be shown at the Fairfield Public Library, Sunday, May 31, 3:00 PM, and Monday, June 1, 7:30 PM. Directed by acclaimed documentarian Greg Whiteley, the... Read More »

Middle School Students Conduct Exit Polling on Election Day

Studying the workings of government at Maharishi Middle School this week involved more "roll up your sleeves" work than a usual textbook course of study. Maharishi Middle School students did exit polling at all of Fairfield's five wards and Libertyville on this last Tuesday's November 4 election day. They asked questions about the gubernatorial and the... Read More »

Middle School Students Run Restaurant

--by Andy Hallman, Fairfield Ledger For one night earlier this month, Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment was a full-service juice bar and restaurant, run completely by students. The middle school students organized the restaurant as part of a class project, with a little help from English and social studies teacher Richard Incorvia and math... Read More »

Maharishi Middle School’s 5th Annual “Defenestration Day” Splashdown

September 4th was the 5th year Maharishi Middle School has held its “Defenestration Day” event. “Defenestration” is defined as “a throwing of a person or a thing out of a window.” Don’t be alarmed, though. Middle school teachers Richard Incorvia and Barbara Hays have excellent classroom management skills, and only well-protected gallon jugs of water flew... Read More »

Maharishi Middle School Mini-Doc Movie Premiere

"Discover the middle school you wish you could attend." On Thursday, September 4, at 7:30-8:45 PM, Maharishi Middle School teachers Richard Incorvia, Barbara Hayes, and their students will premiere a locally Kickstarted mini-documentary about their project-based curriculum that gives students the opportunity to do real journalism. Admission for the premiere’s is only $5 at the Orpheum... Read More »

Students Compete in Iron Chef Cook-Off

Over the course of the last month Laurie Baumann has been hosting an Iron Chef-type competition in her advanced cooking class, part of Maharishi School's Seed-to-Table program. Contestants are given ingredients from which they must create a meal. Saturday's final show-down between Mickey DeAngelis, Brandon Prather-Huff and Davin Titus, was judged by local epicureans Steve Boss... Read More »

Students Successful at State Creativity Competition

Congratulations to Maharishi School’s winning teams at the Destination Imagination state competition! Program director, Mark Wilkins said that of the nine teams that competed at the state competition, six teams have qualified to compete at the international competition in May. All of the teams will perform for the Fairfield community at the annual DI Showcase, Dinner... Read More »

See What School Can Be Kickstarter Project

Middle school teacher and alumnus, Richard Incorvia, is doing great projects with his students. He wants to create a documentary about this unique program. Here's what he has to say: Imagine a middle school where students choose to do real-world work. Follow the journey of teens who have taken over the local news. Our Goal We... Read More »

A Youthful Art Walk

From the Fairfield Ledger--March 10 The Fairfield Public Library was one of the sites of Friday’s Art Walk, where young people showed off their visual art and their skills at the performing arts.

Preschool Students Get Rocket Demonstration

This week in the classroom... The preschool class had a presentation by the Middle School students about their rocket designs. The preschool students prepared the following questions: What makes the rocket go really high? What does the parachute do? What came out of the rocket? Can we see one of the rockets up close? How far... Read More »

Student designs put to the test

By Andy Hallman as appeared in the Fairfield Ledger Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment’s students learned a thing or two about “creative destruction” Thursday. The day was the culmination of a project that tested the students’ problem-solving skills. The problem facing them was how to protect a one-gallon water jug from being ripped open... Read More »

Project Turns Students Into Archeologists

From Fairfield Ledger, by Andy Hallman-- Students at Maharishi School have recently received training in archeology. The middle school students at MSAE completed a five-week class project which involved studying a civilization’s culture through the artifacts it left behind. What excited the students was that they got to create a civilization and then turn its artifacts... Read More »

Maharishi Middle School Designs Phone Apps

The Maharishi Middle School has designed android phone apps as part of their math and science project-based curriculum. They have published 20 apps on the Google Play Store that as of today have been downloaded and installed 1550 times from over 24 different countries. Here is their link: Teachers Richard Incorvia and Barbara Hays made... Read More »

Students Run Profitable Carnival

The Fairfield Ledger, By ANDY HALLMAN - Feb 15, 2013 The Maharishi Middle School students put on a carnival for their younger peers Thursday night at the Maharishi School Assembly Hall. Each student was responsible for a different part of the carnival. Some baked cookies. Some sold drinks. Others worked booths and still others walked throughout... Read More »

Math and Language Arts Integration

The 5/6 grade boys and girls are working on their Math and Language Arts Integration project. There are two parts to this project. The first part is the Language Arts problem which they have to do of their own and must include a math problem structure in their story. They should have a character, setting, challenge... Read More »

Middle School Defenestration Day

On September 10th, at 1:00pm in the Maharishi School Courtyard, Maharishi Middle School will host the annual “Defenestration Day”. "Defenestration" is the act of throwing something out of a window. The Middle School will throw devices designed to save plastic gallons of water from a two story fall. The Defenestration project is part of the Project... Read More »


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