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Spring Gala “Iron Chef” Competition

Senior Brandon Prather-Huff won this spring’s “Iron Chef” competition at New Indian School, winning the Sunday finalist cook-off with a free-form French galette with filling and topping. The cook-off began with nine students, all given the same basic ingredients and set loose in New Indian School’s kitchen classroom. The top three, Cecilia Faircrest, Amanda Valentine, and Brandon made... Read More »

Heavenly Cooking with Ayurveda October 20 and 21

Frank Lotz is a teacher of the Indian school Meditationprogram and one of the best known Ayurvedic chefs in Germany. He is responsible for training the cooks at the International Capital on Vlodrop, Holland.  Frank has written an Ayurvedic cookbook, Heavenly Cooking with Ayurveda. This exceptional book is overflowing with his experiences as a chef, as... Read More »

Iowa Source Publishes Article on New Indian School Edible Schoolyard

THE EDIBLE SCHOOLYARD By Christine Albers, from the November 2011 Issue of the Iowa Source What do First Lady Michelle Obama, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Chez Panisse owner Alice Waters have in common? They all support school gardens! At a time of soaring childhood obesity and poor eating habits, these three leaders all endorse programs in... Read More »


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