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Maharishi Middle School Music and Sound Performance

Written by 8th grader Alista Wikle On Wednesday, January 16th, at 7:00 PM, Maharishi Middle School presented the product of their latest project, Music and Sound. They performed original instrumental songs using instruments they had created. In addition, student music videos using original music, lyrics, and choreography were shown. The Maharishi Middle School uses a project based... Read More »

5/6 Graders Working on Biomes

The 5/6 girls and boys have been working on a project based unit on biomes. Each student will be doing several activities of their choice including integrating SCI Fundamentals, for their project. Everyone has just completed a writing assignment where they integrate notes they have taken into several paragraphs which all writers in their own words.... Read More »

Intermediate Girls’ Research on Inner Qualities

The third and fourth grade girls have been brainstorming ideas about what makes a great person, and what inner qualities might be exhibited by great people. The girls have also discussed inner qualities of great people, and looked for those qualities in the lives of people whose biographies they have heard or read about. They have... Read More »

Intermediate Boys - Plant Investigations

For the last few weeks the 3rd and 4th grade boys have been enjoying studying about creativity, energy and intelligence in Science of Creative Intelligence class. Recently in science class they used their creativity to design and observe results of 13 different 'plant investigations' to experiment with how different things affect the growth of plants. Ideas... Read More »

Primary Girls Science of Creative Intelligence in the Classroom

In the Primary Girls class the SCI principles are a part of all subject areas – as they are in the other grades, but they are also highlighted in lessons devoted explicitly to each principle. At this young age, they are new to some of the students. Recently they have been talking about the principles “Order... Read More »

Science of Creative Intelligence in Prekindergarten Class

The prekindergarten class is currently investigating the SCI Principle, “Order is Present Everywhere”. They are observing order in the classroom, on the playground and in nature. The children are becoming aware of order in their daily schedule and routine, their songs, and their calendar. This week they have been talking about the orderliness of spider webs,... Read More »

Vedic Knowledge Tools for Students Issue 8 - By Dr. Richard Beall What is Vedic knowledge and how do we see it expressed at Maharishi School? The minute students arrive at Maharishi School each morning, the uniqueness of the school becomes evident. The Vedic technologies they practice yield the kind of practical results that schools across the country and around... Read More »

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