Vedic Science


All students Kindergarten to 12th Grade learn Sanskrit... "The perfect orderliness of the Sanskrit language creates orderliness and balance in the... More


The Science of Long Life Maharishi Ayurveda® is an ancient and complete science of natural medicine originating in the ancient Vedic... More


Maharishi Vedic Astrology A science and technology to know past, present, and future Maharishi Jyotish is a practical program that helps... More

Gandharva Veda

Music of Nature Gandharva Veda music expresses the eternal melodies and rhythms of Nature—it is music in harmony with Natural Law.... More

Sthapatya Veda

Architecture in harmony with Natural Law Vedic architecture is the science and art of establishing structures in which every part is... More

Vedic Mathematics

A Holistic Approach to Mathematics Vedic Math offers a new, holistic approach to mathematics. In elementary grades,Vedic Math includes arithmetic operations... More

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