Single Gender Classes

Maharishi School has three divisions:

  • Boys‚ Middle and Upper School,
  • Girls‚ Middle and Upper School, and
  • Lower School, which has separate classes for girls and boys.

The majority of classes at Maharishi School are single-gender. We have found that for both boys and girls, the experience of single-gender education is important for their emotional growth, academic progress, and general well-being. It is our experience that boys and girls focus on their studies better in a single-gender situation.

Single-gender education alone does not develop the total creative potential of a student. For that, Consciousness-Based education is necessary.

Click the links below to see research on single gender education and its benefits.

National Coalition of Girls' Schools

"...a national study which shows the significant edge girls' school graduates have over their coed peers..." More

National Education Association

"...when children learn with single-gender peers, they are more likely to attend to their studies, speak more openly in the classroom..." More

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