Seed to Table Program

seed to table program greenhouseAt Maharishi School, we help our students make responsible food choices, nurture sound nutritional practices and promote environmental stewardship. They learn to appreciate the connection between their everyday food choices, their personal health and the health of the environment.

About Our Seed-to-Table Program

In our Seed-to-Table program, students plant and care for vegetables and fruits that they will later harvest, cook, and eat together. They study academic subjects, such as mathematics, science and the humanities, in the context of their kitchen activities. They learn about the nutritional value of what they are growing, preparing and eating.

In this way, they establish life-long patterns of eating and a love of good food that creates healthy individuals and healthy families.

boys plant in the greenhouseStudents use hands-on learning to understand:

  • proper nutrition to counteract the national epidemic of obesity,
  • the economics of local food production versus relying on distant sources,
  • the role of agriculture in development of cultures,
  • the value of shared meals as a means to connect with family, and
  • the effect of good nutrition on the mind and body.

The Physical Components

1. The Greenhouse: In our 4,100 square foot greenhouse, staff, faculty and students work together to grow edible plants and get hands-on experience with nature.

Maharishi School greenhouse

students prepare food in the classroom2. The Kitchen: The students in this photo are preparing food in their classroom.

We need to complete our seed-to-table program by building a kitchen specially designed for students to prepare the food they grow. We received a grant toward this kitchen from Microsoft’s “Make Education Great” program. We are continuing to raise funds to complete the kitchen.

Professional Training

The Director of the Greenhouse, Karen DeAngelis, and the Dean of the Girls' School, Laurie Baumann, received professional training at Alice Waters' prestigious Edible Schoolyard Academy: Creating Garden and Kitchen Classrooms in Every Community in Berkley, California, presented by the Chez Panisse foundation.

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