Our Greenhouse

A Key Feature of Our School Life

Read more about our greenhouse activities at our Maharishi School Greenhouse Blog, Garden of Bliss, created by Co-director of the Maharishi School Sustainable Living Program, Karen DeAngelis.

The Maharishi School greenhouse gives our students first-hand "seed to table" experience and understanding of one of the most important aspects of life - the food we eat. Our organic greenhouse, which makes up one side of our central courtyard, or Brahmasthan, produces an abundance of organic vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers. Students learn the essentials of growing the plants, which are then used by the greenhouse teachers to teach about sustainable cooking and sensible nutrition.

Reflecting Relationships Found in Nature

The courtyard surrounding the greenhouse is filled with a variety of trees, shrubs, grasses, and herbs that are planted by students and greenhouse staff that mimic the natural designs of Nature. Under the guidance of their teachers, the students begin to understand how they could design their own environments and build increasingly self-sufficient human settlements. In 2004 our greenhouse won the Organic Silver Award from the Rodale Institute for the permaculture style of garden in the greenhouse.

An added sustainable component of our greenhouse program is the rainwater catchment and solar powered drip systems used to water the plants throughout the year. The greenhouse staff uses double tunnel growing and cold frames to extend the growing season of the unheated greenhouse and allow vegetables to be grown as late as December and seeds planted as early as February.

Organic Food in the Curriculum: Understanding Healthy Principals of Organic Food Production

As part of the Sustainable Living Program, the greenhouse also gives our students an opportunity to gain a first-hand understanding about the application of healthy farming principles and organic food production. Our science teachers, together with our Sustainable Living directors, have developed a curriculum that gives the students practical experience in the greenhouse to more fully understand these important principles instead of just reading and learning about them in a classroom. Our greenhouse also operates a modest sized CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture) that provides some produce to the local community, which supports further activities of the greenhouse.

"We want our students and CSA members to enjoy healthy, delicious food. The quality of food contributes vitally to their health and well-being, We're committed to providing only the highest quality, organically grown fresh food, free of pesticides, and other harmful toxins." - Sustainable Living Director

Visit Us - Friday Open Houses April 27, May 4th and June 1st - Please call 1-866-749-0593


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