Consciousness-Based Education

What is Consciousness-Based Education?

Let's start with "consciousness" -- that is, how awake and alert we are, to our environment and ourselves.

Second, we all know that consciousness is variable. Sometimes we're wide awake, absorbing everything we encounter. Other times, when we are tired with jet lag or stressed about an upcoming test, our minds are more dull or constricted.

What if we could optimize consciousness? What if we could give students a tool so they are wide awake throughout the day, every day? Every part of the educational experience would be enhanced: their ability to learn and express their creativity, the quality of their social relationships, even their reaction time in athletic competition.

Our Unique Advantage

That is what happens with Consciousness-Based Education. We invest in a unique type of rest that pays dividends in all the other activities of the day. The tool we use to achieve this at Maharishi School--and in hundreds of Consciousness-Based Education schools around the world--is the Transcendental Meditation® technique. We don't just fill students heads with information, we systematically expand the container of knowledge, the student's own consciousness.

Where's the proof?

Scientists have been researching the practical effects of meditation since 1970, and over 600 scientific studies document the benefits of Transcendental Meditation® for students. Maharishi School also has a remarkable record of achievements in academic and extracurricular competitions. But the most convincing evidence is the quality of our students, the happiness that they exude.

A Science of Consciousness

Transcendental Meditation® is like a laboratory that enhances every other class. In addition to that experience, we offer a special subject called the Science of Creative Intelligence. It's the study of laws of nature that structure our world and of the development of consciousness to its highest state--enlightenment. Now any student can develop their full mental potential: inner development for outer success.

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