Our Approach

Consciousness-Based Education

What is Consciousness-Based Education? Let's start with "consciousness" -- that is, how awake and alert we... More

Transcendental Meditation

At our school the day starts and ends with a few minutes of the Transcendental Meditation®... More

Yoga Asanas

Rest and Activity Twice a day, in the morning before class and in the afternoon at... More

Single Gender Classes

Maharishi School has three divisions: Boys‚ Middle and Upper School, Girls‚ Middle and Upper School, and... More

Vedic Science

Learn more about our Vedic Science programs including Sanskrit, Ayurveda, Gandharva Veda, Jyotish, Sthapatya Veda and... More

Green School Initiatives

This 4100 sq ft greenhouse, nature explore classroom, seed-to-plate program, and solar panels are a few... More

Total Brain Development

Scientific research shows that specific types of experience are necessary for the brain to develop fully.... More

Scientific Research

The studies on the Transcendental Meditation® technique listed below are a sampling of the more than... More

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