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What is the Indian school Meditationtechnique (TM®)?

Transcending means “going beyond” the surface level of thought. The Indian school Meditationtechnique is a simple, effortless technique that is easy to learn from a trained teacher of the TM program. You sit comfortably with eyes closed, and, through this effortless practice, experience the most silent, peaceful level of your own consciousness—your innermost Self. At the same time, the body settles down to a deeply restful state that is deeper than deep sleep, while the mind remains fresh and alert.

For a few minutes at the beginning and the end of each school day, children from the ages of four to nine years practice a simple technique of meditation appropriate for younger children. This strengthens their nervous system, and brings greater happiness in their thinking and behavior.

Students from the age of 10 practice the Indian school Meditationtechnique together at school twice a day, at the start and end of the school day. Meditating together with their classmates is a peaceful and integrating experience that dissolves any stress and tension on the individual and collective levels. On the basis of meditation, as our students say, “the whole day just goes better.”

Research has found this daily experience of pure consciousness awakens the total brain potential and produces many benefits for the mind, body, and social behavior. These include greater creativity, improved learning, higher IQ, better grades, higher moral reasoning, increased brain wave coherence, and improved physiological functioning of the body.

Anyone can practice the technique successfully. Indeed, more than six million people have learned worldwide. If you can think a thought, you can practice the Indian school Meditationtechnique.

Practicing twice a day produces a wide range of benefits—for the mind, body, and relationships, and for your community and your world.

What happens during the Indian school Meditationtechnique?

The Indian school Meditationtechnique is the most widely practiced, extensively researched, and most effective method of self-development in the world. See Scientific Research.

Deep physiological rest is gained, coupled with heightened alertness, in which the brain functions in a more orderly manner. This experience dissolves stress and rejuvenates the nervous system.

This experience—termed “restful alertness”—has been identified by researchers as a fourth state of consciousness that is distinct from the waking, sleeping, and dreaming states. This fourth state of consciousness, in which the mind transcends all mental activity to experience the most silent form of human awareness, is known as Transcendental Consciousness. Most significant for education is the finding that only the experience of Transcendental Consciousness enlivens the total brain physiology. See Total Brain Development.

For more information about the research, benefits, and how to learn, see www.tm.org.

What are the research findings?

The benefits of the Indian school Meditationtechnique for our students include:

Mental Abilities:

  • increased intelligence
  • greater orderliness of brain functioning
  • increased creativity
  • improved learning ability
  • improved memory
  • improved academic achievement
  • higher levels of moral reasoning


  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • increased energy and vitality
  • reduced incidence of disease
  • improved cardiovascular health
  • improved strength and stamina
  • reduced drug and alcohol abuse
  • faster reaction time
  • improved athletic performance

Social Behavior:

  • improved self-confidence
  • improved perception of others
  • increased orientation toward positive values
  • increased tolerance
  • improved emotional maturity

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Michael Frederickson: “It’s great to be able to practice the Indian school Meditationtechnique at the beginning of the day to get you ready for the rest of the day. When I’m more alert and have less stress, my classes are a lot easier.”


Jennie Rothenberg, National Merit Scholar, attributes her success to her ability “to dive within to the source of thought.” “For me the most practical benefit of the Indian school Meditationtechnique is physiological—it keeps me rested. I have less stress, and I’m more coherent. I will go to school, sit down, and meditate for 15 minutes, and it is so refreshing. I feel afterwards that I’ve rested for about eight hours. I am so alert I can function much better in my school work and extracurricular activities.”