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SCI Curriculum

In their SCI classes students learn that the laws of nature guiding evolutionary development in the physical universe are the same laws of nature guiding human growth. They also learn that the field of pure consciousness that they experience as the simplest form of their own awareness during their practice of the Indian school Meditationtechnique, is the home of all the laws of nature.

Through SCI, knowledge becomes practical, a living reality, not only on the thinking level, but on all levels of life—thinking, feeling, and behavior. The student naturally grows in the ability to think deeply, and feels fulfilled in spite of the explosion of information in the world, because he owns the essence of knowledge within himself and can simply and completely connect all fields of life.

Over the years from Kindergarten through grade 12, the SCI curriculum is taught in sequentially unfolding themes—from the dynamics of consciousness of the student, principles from modern science and the arts, through the application of knowledge in the field of action, to the achievement of results for society.

In the Lower School, SCI is integrated into all subjects, while in the 7th–12th grades, separate SCI courses are given as well as integration of SCI into all subjects.

In 7th–12th grades SCI is integrated into each subject by the “Main Point and SCI Point” charts used with each lesson. Accompanying each main point of a lesson is an SCI point that draws the students’ attention to a universal principle of the particular topic being studied.  The students’ own charts, projects, and art work literally cover the classroom walls, creating a constant flow of knowledge.

Students relate the principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence to their own family life, to society and the world; they study the expressions of creative intelligence in the different traditions and cultures of the world, and in the arts and in modern science. Thus our students have a broad spectrum of appreciation of how creativity and intelligence are expressed in all the different areas of life.

Other issues relevant to SCI, such as the value of organic farming, sustainable agriculture, prevention-oriented health care, and the creation of world peace, provide fertile ground for class projects. Students are also actively participating in the creation of world peace through their daily group practice of the Indian school Meditationtechnique.

Our students have a broad spectrum of appreciation of how creativity and intelligence are expressed in all the different areas of life.