Projects to Support

Small Wishes:

Raise the Final $2,000 For Our Nature Explore Classroom

We have raised over $70,000 in the past year to build our Nature Explore Classroom. The classroom has been certified by The Arbor Day Foundation, and is being utilized each day by our students. We are also proudly sharing it with other educators across the state as a training center on nature-based learning.

We would like to raise an additional $2,100 for finishing touches (e.g., storage units, sand box cover, fence and safety-related repairs).

Total Budget: $73,400
Raised to date: $71,300
Still needed: $2,100



Larger Wishes:

Re-equip and Renovate Our Science Lab

Every year we have state, national and international science fair winners yet our students must
borrow equipment or make or buy their own. Imagine what they could learn and create with
up-to-date equipment, movable workstations for a flexible learning space, tables and chairs
appropriate for experiments! Our teachers need updated chemical storage and preparation

Help us renovate and equip our biology, physics and chemistry laboratories for our middle and
high school students.

Total Budget: $50,000
Still needed: $50,000

Build a Kitchen: Augment Our Seed-to-Table Program

Our Seed-to-Table program is strong. We have an edible permaculture, a 4,100 square foot
greenhouse utilized daily in the K-6 curriculum, and a 7-12 grade curriculum that extends to
sustainable living practices.

So what is missing? A classroom kitchen. We want to augment our K-12 Seed-to-Table
curriculum by installing a fully equipped kitchen and small dining area. Students of all ages will
utilize it for hands-on learning about proper nutrition, economics of local food production, and
the role of agriculture and food in the development of cultures.

Total Budget: $63,000
Raised to date: $48,000
Still needed: $15,000

Create a Model Sustainable Living Learning Center

Our school is striving to become a model learning center and showcase for sustainable living
in the Midwest. Educators will come to observe the progressive curriculum and model facility,
enabling them to lead their own schools in sustainability.

We have a great start: a 4,100 square foot greenhouse, an organic, vegetarian school
cafeteria, edible landscape, recycling, limited solar support, a curriculum rich with
sustainable learning, and a Nature Explore Classroom certified by the Arbor Day Foundation.

Next steps:

  • Re-purpose a 10,000 square foot building into a Sustainable Learning Center featuring:
  • a geothermal heating/cooling system, solar panels for electricity, and an energy dashboard so students can study green energy systems at work.
  • A Seed-to-Table kitchen
  • a science lab/sustainable classroom
  • Re-roof our greenhouse.

We are now known as a “green” school and are ready to evolve into the premier model for
sustainability affecting one student and one educator at a time.

Total Budget: $250,000
Still needed: $250,000


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