Family Fundraising

Maharishi School has a fundraising program that requires parental participation. This is to ensure that everyone shares in the fundraising responsibilities needed to operate the school. Every family is obliged to engage in the effort to raise $500 per child. This includes participation in any or all of the following events as well as the Ideal Shopping program. Alternately, parents may pay $500/student ($100/Preschool student) to satisfy this obligation. It is requested that this fundraising goal be met by May 31.

Celebrating Maharishi Yagya Performances for the Continuing Growth and Prosperity of our Community - Happening NOW

These Maharishi Yagya performances are Vedic performances that create life-supporting effects. By enlivening nature's own organizing power, we will produce powerful and positive influences for the school, the community and the world. Our community-wide Yagyas begin in the first week of May. Donations must be received by April 30.

These performances do not replace the personal Maharishi Yagya performances that are recommended for individuals. To schedule a personal Maharishi Yagya performance, please contact the Maharishi Yagya Office at 



It takes a technically-savvy village to reach out to our extended community. Come join John Hagelin and our School family on Thursday, May 3, from 6:30-9:00 p.m. for a light dinner, fellowship, and a Tele-Textathon at Maharishi School's Media Center. Bring your cell phone and your contact list. We will have coaches available to guide you in raising funds for our beloved school.


The Bike Fest & Green Fest

Our Bike Fest and Green Fest are held in October. These are wonderful fundraisers that inspire responsibility in our students and fill them with that great feeling of giving back to their School.

Students in the Lower School enjoy the Bike Fest where they ask all of us to sponsor them by the mile or with a set amount.

The Green Fest is for our Middle and Upper School where students take on green based community projects. Last year, they helped some elderly residents winterize their homes. They also worked on projects at Maharishi University of Management, helping with gardens and greenhouses. They usually ask for general sponsorship for these projects.


Golf Tournament

The Maharishi School Annual Pioneer Benefit Golf Tournament  will be held on Sunday, June 3, 2012. $100 covers cart, green fee, and lunch, $65 of which goes toward your fundraising needs. Click for details.


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