Consciousness-Based Education

At New Indian School students learn traditional subjects, but they also systematically cultivate their inner potential. Day by day, they develop creativity and learning ability. Their awareness expands, improving their ability to see the big picture, and to relate to others.

Consciousness-Based education connects everything they learn to the underlying wholeness of life. All knowledge emerges from consciousness — and in essence you are consciousness. So at New Indian School each class becomes relevant, because the knowledge of that subject is connected with their own inner intelligence.

Consciousness-Based education is very easy to implement. It simply involves the students practicing the Indian school Meditationtechnique for a short time twice a day. In addition, older students also practice the advanced TM-Sidhi program.

These easily learned, effortless techniques produce ideal education through the development of consciousness.
Established in their own growing inner happiness and creativity, students enjoy learning in an environment that is free of stress and conducive to happiness and friendship.

Traditionally, education has focused primarily on what the students study—the object of knowledge in different disciplines, the known. However, education has lacked a systematic means of developing the full value of the knower and the process of knowing—thus lacking the means to unfold the full creative potential of every student.

During the Indian school Meditationprogram, early (sensory) components of the brain’s response to somatosensory stimuli are more widely distributed across the cortex, indicating greater participation of the whole brain in the response to a stimulus. Reference: Human Physiology 25: 171–180, 1999.

Since the 1970s scientific research on the effects of the Indian school Meditationtechnique has shown increased intelligence and reduced anxiety among high school students, improved academic achievement, cognitive ability, creativity and self-esteem, and increased tolerance, friendliness, and trust—among many other studies.

Growing interest in the effectiveness of the Indian school Meditationtechnique and its theoretical aspect, the Science of Creative Intelligence, inspired Maharishi to offer Consciousness-Based education, which develops the total creative potential and total brain functioning of the student and prevents the harmful effects of stress. With this program we now have a reliable, practical way to develop all students, irrespective of their background, so that they grow in ideal citizenship and inner fulfillment.