Congratulations to all The Maharishi School Destination Imagination teams

At the State competition in Ames, Iowa this past Saturday, April 4th, competing against 98 teams from all over Iowa, Maharishi School was represented by 8 teams.
Four teams won first place and will go on to Global Finals in Knoxville Tennessee in May. Two teams won 2nd place, one team won 5th place and one team won  9th place.

A great job by everyone!

1st place teams:
Wilkins Angels 9-12th Grade Boys:  Private DI  (Improv)
  • Jordan Stakland
  • Ryan Stakland
  • Tye Huggins
  • Yale Shaw
  • Holden Ketterhagen
Not Matilda 9-12th Grade Boys:  New Angle  (Structure building/acting)
  • Dominic Borg
  • Toby Walker
  • Eric Caplan
  • Toby James
  • James Francis
  • Kwadjo Tillman

Heavy Metal Object Throwers 6-8th Grade Boys:  A New Angle  (Structure building/acting  team)
  • Alexander Hauptman
  • Nathan Haerr
  • Avery Mullenneaux
  • Michael Corazza
  • Dimitri Makeig
  • Solaris Nite
It’s Not Pink, it’s Lightish Red 6-8th Grade Boys: ViDIo  Lit Hits (Acting)
  • Laser Nite
  • Raffi Gelfand
  • David Fleshman
  • Vinit  Suganur
  • Matthew Rowe
The 2nd Place teams:
The 5 Skinny Mots 4-5th  Grade Boys:  Private DI  (Improv)
  • Caleb Mullenneaux
  • Giovanni Cingire
  • Dante Cingire
  • Jordan Town
  • Doga Ozesmi

Was Replaced 6-8th Grade Girls: Instinct Messaging  (1/2 acting 1/2 Technical)
  • Dia Huggins
  • Avery Travis
  • Courtney Swanson
  • Leanna Miller
  • Jacqueline Leete
  • Jaya  Muehlman
  • Kadie Roberts
5th Place team:
Dry Rose Petals 4-5th Grade Girls:  ViDIo Lit Hits  (Acting)
  • Dayna Price
  • Chrissy Corazza
  • Phoebe Haerr
  • Anna Unger
  • Mikayli Cahill
9th Place team:
Won First Place Private DI  (Improv)
  • Mickey DeAngelis
  • Toma Bousquet
  • David Wadsworth
  • Niko Thiel
  • Nathaniel Zhu