Boarding Student Option

Maharishi School welcomes applications from students seeking our boarding option. Boarding students from the United States and several other countries are currently enrolled at Maharishi School (see article below). They appreciate the opportunity to study in this unique, innovative setting and their cultural diversity has enriched our school community. Boarding students are housed in one of two settings: in the home of a host family or in a dormitory with a host parent. When we receive your application, we will communicate with the your family about the best option for your situation. Room and board fees are $5000 per semester. Currently there are no scholarships available to subsidize these fees.

Coming to Maharishi School from Afar

Written by Molly Cutter and Diana Leighton

four boarding school studentsMaharishi School in Fairfield is very proud to host four boarding students: Loh Boon Ginn (Boon) from Malaysia, in 12th grade; Byoung Jun (Brendon) Park from South Korea, in 8th grade; Christian Martina from Argentina, in 10th grade; and Samira Abdelrahman from Harrisburg, near Charlotte, NC, a junior at our school.

When asked what brought them to Maharishi School, they all expressed in different ways that they were not feeling completely happy and comfortable in their previous schools.

Brendon, who learned TM two years ago in South Korea, said that he was not doing as well with his studies as he felt he could, and said that his friends were smoking and he didn’t feel comfortable with that. He and his parents looked at ten prep-schools and high schools throughout the US, before deciding on Maharishi School. Brendon liked Maharishi School right away. He said, “The children here are really good, and the teachers are really good.” He said what he noticed immediately was that people are polite and say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you,’ which he did not experience in his own school in South Korea. Also, he enjoys the smaller classes with fewer subjects to study at a time.

Boon also said that he was not succeeding as well as he wanted in his ten of his classes in Malaysia and felt stressed with all his extra curriculum tutors, multiple studies, and long studying hours. His sister heard from a friend about Maharishi School and recommended it to his parents. Boon immediately liked it at Maharishi School. He said, “Everyone is more friendly here, they say ‘Excuse me’ and ‘Thank you’, and people smile back to you here when you smile at them, and that feels good.” He said that he found the teachers here are very helpful and that the whole community is warm. When asked what he thought about practicing TM every day he said, “I like TM, it’s good”.

Christian, from Argentina told us that he was happy that his parents had brought him here. Even though he didn’t really like going to school in general, he felt that the school experience here was much smoother than his experience in Argentina. Reflecting on his own experiences of settling into a new school, with a new culture and a new language, he said “I would like to start a club for foreign students to help them get acclimated with the language and friends.

Tired of public school, Samira told us, “It was too much of a stress and it made you not like school at all”. Richard Beall, Head of Maharishi School, told her family about Maharishi School. Samira was excited about coming and ready to leave her place of study in NC. She said, “People are much more friendly, and the teachers want to help you more. I like it here and am glad that I came.”

All the students appreciated their host families and the relationships they were culturing with them. Joel and Karen Price, host family of Brendon, said, “We chose to be a host family to fill the need, and our family was also excited and interested to learn about Brendon and about another culture.” They added, “It’s a very sweet experience for us having Brendon here”.
About things they missed most, Christian, Brendon, and Boon agreed it was food, though they very much like having more than a short 20 minute lunch time. Brendon and Boon also missed entertainment in the form of a high-tech simulator experience that isn’t yet available here in Fairfield, and Samira said she missed friends and the town of Harrisburg. They all said that even though they missed their families, none were homesick, and they felt happy to be here. Christian added with a smile, “We’re all under the same sky.”