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Project-Based Learning Sparks Creativity and Builds Skills at Maharishi School

Project-based learning is an integral part of the curriculum at Maharishi School, a private boarding and day school in Fairfield, Iowa.  Each quarter, students have a choice between several project courses and are also free to design and execute a proposal of their choosing.  Last year Upper School teacher Mark Wilkins offered raku ceramics as a... Read More »

Maharishi School Update From Dr. Richard Beall

Dear Maharishi School Community, Last Wednesday I returned home to a new sight in front of our School—the rainbow flag.  The rainbow flag has long represented peace, unity, and, especially, a safe space for all. This symbol has been adopted by the LGBT community and its supporters to represent the diversity within that group. In recent... Read More »

Maharishi School Raises Rainbow Flag

"We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now." Martin Luther King Jr. In the last few years, stories about transgender rights have made their way to the forefront of national attention. These issues have cropped up in every area from workplaces, to shopping, to healthcare policy, so it's no... Read More »

“The Big Orange Splot” Sparks Creativity at Maharishi School

The Field of All Possibilities is the Source of All Solutions. ~Maharishi   Mr. Plumbean turns an accident into an opportunity when he turns an orange paint splotch on his roof into the phantasmagorical house of his dreams. The 123 Girls turned the fronts of their desks into their dreams and changed what the author says... Read More »


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