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Bike Fest Instructions and Details

  Bike Fest is Back! What? Bike Fest is great family fun, and is one of Maharishi School’s most popular annual fundraisers where students are sponsored to ride their bikes. Who participates? Students of every age, parents, families, friends… anyone who wants to support Maharishi School. All preschool - 8th graders will participate and it will be... Read More »

Bike Fest 2014 Coming Soon: Maharishi School’s “Tour de Fairfield”

Peter Sagan, twice winner of bike racing’s Green Jersey for his sprinting ability, is considered one of pro cycling’s great young talents. He is a member of Cannondale Pro Cycling, which boasts 30 sponsors. When it comes to Maharishi School’s Bike Fest, our Pioneers are sponsored by you. Yes, parents and children for the entire school... Read More »

Mrs. Kavanaugh Retires After 32 Years at Maharishi School

If service or volunteerism were to have a face, it would be that of Laurie Kavanaugh, a “just shy of 32 years” staff member at Maharishi School, who is retiring this September. During those years, she has worn many hats, but they all centered around helping the school run smoothly. In tribute to Mrs. Kavanaugh’s many... Read More »

Greg Thatcher, Artist and Teacher, Pursues His Vision in England

What does a fine artist who is also a teacher do for recreation when the school year ends? If you’re Maharishi School art teacher and department chair Greg Thatcher, you go to England and spend a month drawing the sacred yew trees in St. Mary's Churchyard, Painswick, Gloucestershire. During that month you would spend your days... Read More »

Maharishi Middle School’s 5th Annual “Defenestration Day” Splashdown

September 4th was the 5th year Maharishi Middle School has held its “Defenestration Day” event. “Defenestration” is defined as “a throwing of a person or a thing out of a window.” Don’t be alarmed, though. Middle school teachers Richard Incorvia and Barbara Hays have excellent classroom management skills, and only well-protected gallon jugs of water flew... Read More »

Maharishi School Students Star in Documentary Film

--by Andy Hallman, Fairfield Ledger A journalism class at Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment saw itself on the silver screen Thursday night in a documentary shown at the Orpheum Theater in Fairfield. The documentary was titled “What School Can Be,” a reference to the unorthodox education the middle school students at Maharishi School receive... Read More »

Volleyball Game Tonight, September 2

Tonight's September 2 varsity volleyball match will be a triangular match-up with Maharishi School, Holy Trinity, and West Burlington. It is a home game in the Field House, starting at 5:00 PM.

Maharishi Middle School Mini-Doc Movie Premiere

"Discover the middle school you wish you could attend." On Thursday, September 4, at 7:30-8:45 PM, Maharishi Middle School teachers Richard Incorvia, Barbara Hayes, and their students will premiere a locally Kickstarted mini-documentary about their project-based curriculum that gives students the opportunity to do real journalism. Admission for the premiere’s is only $5 at the Orpheum... Read More »

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