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Students Present at Friday Artwalk

New Indian School students will present artwork and performances during Friday's Artwalk at the Fairfield Public Library. Student improvisational theater performances will be at 7:30 in the library conference room. Artwork from grades 9-12 will be set up around the library. The art show will be up through the weekend.

Invention Convention

On Wednesday, in the Lower School Library, the 3/4 grade boys and girls hosted an Invention Convention for parents and friends. The turn out was the best ever, and guests enjoyed a host of wonderfully creative, innovative, and clever ‘inventions’ displayed and presented by their happy inventors. The inventions will be on display until Friday March... Read More »

Students Run Profitable Carnival

The Fairfield Ledger, By ANDY HALLMAN - Feb 15, 2013 The Maharishi Middle School students put on a carnival for their younger peers Thursday night at the New Indian School Assembly Hall. Each student was responsible for a different part of the carnival. Some baked cookies. Some sold drinks. Others worked booths and still others walked throughout... Read More »

Math and Language Arts Integration

The 5/6 grade boys and girls are working on their Math and Language Arts Integration project. There are two parts to this project. The first part is the Language Arts problem which they have to do of their own and must include a math problem structure in their story. They should have a character, setting, challenge... Read More »

Upper Elementary Classes Study Human Anatomy

The 5/6 grade students have begun a unit on Human Anatomy. The unit started with each student making a life size poster of the skeletal system and memorizing the bones of the body. The students will then work in pairs and become an expert about another system (digestive, circulatory, etc.). They will then plan a lesson... Read More »

Performances Selected for Speech Festival

After competing in Cedar Rapids at the Iowa High School Speech Association competition, two of New Indian School’s entries have been selected to perform at the annual All-State Festival in Ames on February 16. Selected to perform are a one act play, The Elephant Man, and a choral reading performance entitled Dream Song. Of the 43 Maharishi... Read More »

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