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Referral Partner Agreement

If you wish to apply to become a Referral Partner for Maharishi School, please carefully read the Agreement below. If the Agreement is acceptable to you, please complete and submit the form at the bottom.

Important: This Agreement is not valid unless and until the School accepts your signed application to become a Referral Partner, and a representative of Maharishi School signs and returns a copy of the Agreement to you.

Upon execution of this Agreement by the party entered below ('Referral Partner') and acceptance by Maharishi School ('the School'), Referral Partner is authorized to only act as a nonexclusive Agent in the country specified below to refer full-paying students.

Written Authorization: This Agreement will not be valid unless and until the School accepts the Agreement by giving written authorization to Referral Partner.

Compensation:Subject to Referral Partner complying with his/her obligations under this Agreement, commissions will be paid to Referral Partner by Maharishi School in accordance with the Commission Schedule attached hereto as Exhibit A. Commissions will be paid on good funds received by Maharishi School in payment for tuition for students recruited by Referral Partner. In the event a total or partial tuition refund is issued, due to early withdrawal by a student or for any other reason, Referral Partner’s compensation shall be reduced on a prorated basis and shall apply only to the non-refundable portion of the tuition payment. Commission will be paid within 30 days of the date when the tuition payment from which the commission is to be derived is no longer subject to any refund. Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties hereto, commission payments shall be made in dollars, by check, drawn on a U.S. bank. Except as otherwise stated herein, the provisions of this Section shall survive the termination of this Agreement. Maharishi School has the right to change the commission schedule upon 60 days written notice; provided, however, that such changes will not apply to applications received prior to the effective date of such a commission change. Referral Partner agrees that his or her sole compensation in connection with this Agreement shall be the commissions provided hereunder, and that he or she will not charge or accept any other compensation, directly or indirectly, from prospective students or their parents/guardians for the activities governed by this Agreement. In the event that Referral Partner violates this provision, the School is authorized to immediately terminate this Agreement, and pay no fees to Referral Partner. Further, Referral Partner agrees to promptly refund all amounts collected from any applicants or students.

Tuition Rates: The School’s tuition rates will be established by Maharishi School. These rates may be revised from time to time by Maharishi School. Maharishi School will inform Referral Partner of any changes in its tuition in a timely manner such that Referral Partner may continue to correctly represent the rates to the public.

Collection of Payments: Maharishi School is solely responsible for invoicing and collecting payments from students obtained by Referral Partner. Referral Partner is expressly prohibited from collecting any monies on Maharishi School’s behalf, including, but not limited to application fees, tuition or any other fees.

Highest Ethical Standards: Referral Partner agrees to uphold the highest ethical standards and dignity when informing prospective students about the School and its programs. Referral Partner will not misrepresent the School, its programs, policies, financial aid, etc., and will refer prospective students to the School website and to the Admissions Office to answer any questions the prospective students may have on these matters. Referral Partner will comply fully with all laws and regulations of his or her home country.

Independent Contractor:It is understood that: (1) Referral Partner is an independent contractor; (2) Referral Partner is not acting in any way as a representative of the School; and (3) Referral Partner has no authority to enter into written or oral agreements on behalf of the School. All expenses incurred by Referral Partner will be the sole responsibility of Referral Partner.

Term of Agreement: The term will be two years from the date of this Agreement, and will automatically continue month-to-month thereafter unless either party terminates the Agreement as provided for herein. At any time during the initial term, or at any time thereafter, either party may terminate this Agreement at its sole discretion and without cause by giving thirty (30) days prior written or email notice to the other. Should Referral Partner or the School terminate this Agreement (for reasons other than violation of the confidentiality, non-compete, non-interference, or other material provisions of this Agreement), the School will nonetheless pay all fees due to Referral Partner at the time of termination, according to the schedule set forth above.

Claims and Warranties: The School makes no claims or warranties of any kind other than those, if any, expressly included in the School’s web sites, written literature, and executed contracts. Referral Partner agrees that any claims or warranties of any kind, or any advertisement of the School's programs, must be approved in writing by the School’s Admissions Office prior to dissemination by Referral Partner. Referral Partner agrees to indemnify and hold the School harmless from any liability or claims as well as reasonable attorney's fees and other expenses incurred in preparing for or defending against any action or legal proceeding in which the School become involved as a result of any claims, warranties, or other representations or acts of Referral Partner in violation of the provisions of this Agreement.

Confidentiality: The terms of this Agreement will be kept confidential by Referral Partner, who will also treat as privileged and confidential all non-public information about the School, including its students, methods, strategies, and financial information which may be disclosed to Referral Partner as a result of this Agreement. Referral Partner will use any such information exclusively in furtherance of this Agreement and not for any other purpose. No such confidential information may be disclosed by Referral Partner without the prior written consent of the School.

Non-Compete, Non-Interference: Referral Partner agrees not to compete with the School for its students, including those who were introduced to the School by Referral Partner, nor to interfere with or induce students to breach, terminate, or end their student relationship with the School. The confidentiality, non-compete, and non-interference provisions in this Agreement will survive any termination of this Agreement. In the event Referral Partner violates any of the provisions anywhere in this Agreement, the School may at its sole discretion terminate this Agreement immediately, discontinue payment of all fees to Referral Partner, and pursue any further recourse allowed by law.



The Referral Partner’s fee for recruiting a full paying student for Maharishi School not from the Fairfield community is $2,000. The first $500 of the Referral Partner’s fee will be paid four weeks after the Referral Partner’s full paying student has registered in School and has paid full tuition for the semester in which he or she is enrolled. The next $500 will be paid eight weeks after the beginning of the semester in question. If the student withdraws from the school within the first eight weeks of school, the remainder of the Referral Referral Partner’s fee would be forfeited. The third $500 payment to the Referral Partner would be paid four weeks after the student registers and pays for the second semester, and the final $500 would be paid to the Referral Partner eight weeks into the second semester, provided the student is still registered in the school at that time. The second semester must be sequential to the first, although a summer break would not break the sequence if the student started school at the beginning of the second semester.

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