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Standard Recruiting Partner Agreement

If you wish to apply to become a Recruiting Partner for Maharishi School, please carefully read the Agreement below. If the Agreement is acceptable to you, please complete and submit the form at the bottom.

Important: This Agreement is not valid unless and until the School accepts your application to become an agent.

This Standard Recruiting Partner Agreement (“Agreement”) is made and entered into as of , (“Effective Date”) by Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment (“Maharishi School”) and (“Recruiting Partner”).

Duties. Maharishi School hereby engages Recruiting Partner to perform non-exclusive services as set forth below in paragraph 4. Recruiting Partner is engaged in the business of providing such services.

Term of the Agreement. This agreement will become effective on the date above, and remain in full force until terminated in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 6 of this Agreement. At any time before termination of this Agreement, the parties may, by written agreement, renew or modify the Agreement.

Compensation. a. Maharishi School agrees to pay Recruiting Partner the following fees for referring students that matriculate into Maharishi School and meet the conditions outlined in sub-paragraph b) of Paragraph 3 of this Agreement. The referral fee will be based upon the tuition, room and board for full fee paying students collected by Maharishi School the first full year the student is enrolled.

  • Enrollment – Year 1: 15% of paid tuition, room and board (exclusive of other fees).

b. The agreed upon referral fee will be sent to Recruiting Partner from Maharishi School in two payments: fall semester (70%) and spring semester (30%). The fall payment will be paid within 30 days from when the following have been received by Maharishi School:

  • All student fees, which include tuition, boarding, Special Services and ELL as applicable, and any other fees due.
  • Any and all high school (or the equivalent of grades 9-12 in the United States) final official and original transcripts from every institution attended up to the point of matriculation into Maharishi School. For example, a student entering 11th grade at Maharishi School will provide final official and original transcripts from his or her 9th and 10th grade years. In addition, we request all previous records of evaluation relating to the student’s psychological health and ability to learn.
  • A complete medical history as requested by Maharishi School including required immunization records.
  • The following completed forms: Registration Form; Health Emergency Form, Agreement to Participate in Field Trips and Picture Release Form; Verification of Health Insurance; Liability and Travel Waiver Form; Statement of Temporary Guardianship Form.

c. The spring payment will be paid within 30 days of the beginning of the second semester.

Services. a. Recruiting Partner agrees to provide assistance to a referred student in that the student submits a fully and correctly completed Application for Admission, which includes at least two years of academic history and standardized English assessment testing. If such testing is not available, an assessment may be made by Maharishi School during the interview process.

b. Recruiting Partner agrees to recommend Maharishi School to interested families where Maharishi School appears to best meet the needs of the student and family in question. Recruiting Partner shall present Maharishi School in the manner directed by the School and receive appropriate training. All publications and materials provided by Recruiting Partner as part of their recruiting shall be approved by Maharishi School

c. Recruiting Partner will advise students on immigration regulations and visa requirements for applicants intending to enroll at Maharishi School. Recruiting Partner will also be available to assist students with all necessary visa application procedures.

d. Partner will advise students on the costs of studying at Maharishi School, including tuition, room, board, additional fees and travel expenses. Recruiting Partner will assist with or coordinate the student’s travel to the correct location of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on the correct date.

e. Recruiting Partner will advise students and their parents on the means of communication between them when students have started their courses, and will assist parents to communicate with students and Maharishi School when necessary through the duration of their enrollment. This includes translation services when necessary. This also includes orientating families on how to use and access Maharishi School’s online grading system.

f. Recruiting Partner will provide Maharishi School with final original high school transcripts and a complete set of medical records as requested by Maharishi School.

g. Under the guidance of the Admissions Office, Recruiting Partner will promote the courses and services of Maharishi School completely and honestly.

Tuition Rates. The School’s tuition rates will be established by MAHARISHI SCHOOL. These rates may be revised from time to time by MAHARISHI SCHOOL. MAHARISHI SCHOOL will inform Recruiting Partner of any changes in its tuition in a timely manner such that Recruiting Partner may continue to correctly represent the rates to the public.

Collection of Payments. MAHARISHI SCHOOL is solely responsible for invoicing and collecting payments from students obtained by Recruiting Partner. Recruiting Partner is expressly prohibited from collecting any monies on MAHARISHI SCHOOL’s behalf, including, but not limited to application fees, tuition or any other fees.

Highest Ethical Standards. Recruiting Partner agrees to uphold the highest ethical standards and dignity when informing prospective students about the School and its programs. Recruiting Partner shall not misrepresent the School, its programs, policies, financial aid, etc., and will refer prospective students to the School website and to the Admissions Office to answer any questions the prospective students may have on these matters. Recruiting Partner will comply fully with all laws and regulations of his or her home country.

Non-Exclusivity. Recruiting Partner has no obligation to recommend students exclusively to Maharishi School. Likewise, Maharishi School has no obligation to work exclusively with Recruiting Partner.

Termination of the Agreement. Either party may terminate this Agreement without cause at any time upon thirty (30) days written notice to the other party. In the event of such a termination, each party agrees to act toward the other in good faith during the notice period.

Brand Usage. Recruiting Partner shall receive written authorization from Maharishi School prior to using any advertisements, marketing devices or promotional pieces, which include the name, logo or any other, trademarked or copyrighted property of Maharishi School.

Arbitration of Disputes. Any dispute that either party may have regarding or arising out of the Agreement or regarding the interpretation, enforcement or alleged violation of the Agreement, will be resolved by final and binding arbitration in Des Moines, Iowa. The laws of the State of Iowa, USA, will govern this agreement.

Miscellaneous. a. Maharishi School has no obligation to accept or enroll any student not approved by the Admissions Council. In similar fashion, Recruiting Partner cannot guarantee matriculation for students who are accepted.

b. Maharishi School will respond in a timely manner to any questions or concerns raised by Recruiting Partner.

c. Neither this Agreement nor any duties or obligations under it may be assigned by Recruiting Partner or Maharishi School.

d. Recruiting Partner agrees to indemnify and hold the School, its employees, trustees, officers harmless from any liability or claims as well as reasonable attorney’s fees and other expenses incurred in preparing for or defending against any claims, warranties, acts, omission or other representations of Recruiting Partner in violation of the provisions of this Agreement.

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WRITING YOUR NAME IN THE SPACE PROVIDED AND FILLING OUT THE INFORMATION ABOVE INDICATES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. Upon receiving this agreement, the School will notify you of your status. You will receive a copy of this agreement at the email address provided above once you click "Send."

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