Here is what our Boarding Students have to say about life at Maharishi School:

A Supportive Environment

The first thing our students notice is that they feel welcome from the first day of school.

Samantha Bell, South Carolina: "The atmosphere is so supportive and loving. It's not uncommon to see people give hugs in the hallway, or bringing in baked goods to share. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's like a family here!”

Jasmin Scherf, Germany: "I like that this is a small community, where everyone is friends. I’ve become more open, because I know that people are nice and accepting."

Ananth Ashok, California: "The community is the primary reason why I would recommend this school to other students. Everyone is friendly and supportive of your pursuits.”

Rain Spotted Elk, USA: “The people are really friendly and the teachers are very helpful.”

Meditation as Part of the Curriculum

Our school is unique because we provide the tools to increase learning ability. 

Daniela Hillman, Mexico: “I learned to meditate when I arrived here and it has helped me become calmer and find mental and emotional stability. I think I've become much more responsible and mature.”

Rain Spotted Elk, USA: "The meditation has helped me to be calm and see things in different ways. I've become a nicer person since I came here.”

Queena Zhou, China: “I start my day with meditation so that I have a fresh mind when I go into my classes."

Fu Hao, China: "Meditation has helped me lower my stress. With stress gone I am able to focus more on my studies.”

Over 600 scientific research studies indicate that the Transcendental Meditation program increases intelligence and IQ with improved GPA.

Why I recommend this school to other students

The best testimonials come from our own students.

Fu Hao, China: “I would recommend this school because of TM. It is a simple technique that could change your life.”

Queena Zhou, China: “Because it’s a small and intimate community. It’s easy to get to know everyone, including the teachers. I like that I get a lot of attention from my teachers.”

Samantha Bell, SC, USA: “The depth of learning from the Science of Creative Intelligence, paired with the intimate environment and teachers who sincerely care about you, is unique to Maharishi School.”

Daniela Hillman, Mexico: “Because it is a great environment to be in, really happy and friendly.” 


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