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Maharishi School's Boarding School Option gives American and international students the opportunity to live and learn in a nurturing, stress-free environment. With over thirty countries represented at this school, our students cultivate lasting relationships, and develop a respect and appreciation for all cultures.

Students board at Maharishi School in two different settings: some live with host families and others in dormitories with dorm parents. Boarding school is available to students ages 15 and up.

For more information about Maharishi School's Boarding School Option, please fill out the Online Contact Form or contact our Admissions office, 641-472-9400 ext. 5076 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

From Our Families and Boarding School Students

Chinese family“As parents, all we want is for our children to be safe, happy and healthy while they learn and grow. Any parent would be happy for their child to study at Maharishi School because it provides an ideal caring and nurturing environment.”
Dr. Yunxiang Zhu,Vice President of Asia Expansion and Professor of Management, Maharishi University of Management

boarding school students in a dorm

“For Chinese students and parents, the best part of coming to Maharishi School is that rest is the basis of activity. We don’t have to wake up early and stay up late in order to get good grades. We get lots of sleep and exercise, so we retain what we study. We are more creative when we are not stressed. The courses are preparing me for university, and I am doing well in school.”- Runzhao, boarding student from China

Pictured: International students Brendan (Korea), Laser (Canada), Runzhao (China), and Rashaan (New York) with dorm parent, Angela Mailander.

"Compared to other schools I’ve been in, everyone here is more high level. They cooperate and stay on the same level. If someone needs assistance, the teachers and kids help them. The meditation helps me focus a lot. Everyone needs meditation." - Rashaan, boarding student from New York

“My parents chose Maharishi School because it is a safe place for me to live and improve my English language skills before college. I like it here very much and love my American family. They are a lot like my family in China. We laugh and have fun together.”

- Haiyin, boarding school student from China, pictured here with her host family.

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