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The Orchestra

For two years, the Maharishi School Instrumental Music Program has been under the direction of longtime music educator, Dr. Donald Crim and his daughter Ms. Dorothy Rowe. Together they aim at expanding the horizons and deepening the personal experience of music for students, from Lower School to Upper School. Students rehearse twice a week in beginning, intermediate, or advanced ensembles. Dr. Crim and Ms. Rowe also offer a music theory course and integrate dance choreography into their performance numbers.

The School Choir

Over the years the Maharishi School Festival Singers and Concert Choir have gained the reputation for fine singing and beautiful stage presentation. They have sung for school holiday programs, parents’ concerts, and as an invited guest choir for a local Chamber Singers annual community program. They have sung at many local events and with other amateur and professional choirs.

Many of the members have been selected for local, regional, and state honor choirs. Maharishi School has been represented by these fine singers in the Greater Ottumwa Vocal Arts Project Children’s Chorus (GOVAP), Opus, and Southeast Iowa Honor Choir.

Maharishi School choirs give the students an opportunity to expand their musical abilities and sing for a larger audience.

Maharishi Gandharva Veda Music

Maharishi Gandharva Veda music, known as “the music of nature,” is the source of the classical music of India and creates harmony in the environment through its rhythms and melodies. Maharishi School is fortunate to have a resident performer of Maharishi Gandharva Veda music, Mr. Binoy, who teaches the students this beautiful music played on a wooden flute. Students have also studied the tabla, the classical Indian drum.

Students are introduced to the instrument in Lower School and learn to play simple melodies. In the higher grades students play Gandharva Veda flute for one quarter, and as electives.  By 12th grade, the students can play many beautiful ragas, or melodies, and perform at school assemblies and other major public festivities. It is delightful to see and hear our students perform so gracefully under the skilled musicianship of their teacher.

It is delightful to see and hear our students perform so gracefully .
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