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Maharishi School Achievements 2005-2006

School Achievements

Destination Imagination: Five state championships.
Maharishi School won five state championships in April. Of the 16 teams representing Iowa in the Global Finals, five were from Maharishi School. In this year’s Global Finals they competed against 900 teams from all the U.S. states and 15 foreign countries—the largest Global Finals ever. Upper School Girls won the coveted Da Vinci Award for outstanding creativity, the only award won by Iowa. Four of our teams were in the top fifteen.
Photography Awards
Maharishi School won awards in each of the five competitions entered.

International competition:
2006 PIEA (Photo Imaging Educational Association) International Photography Competition: One first place, one second place, one third place, and two honorable mentions out of 5,915 images entered.

Iowa state competition:
2006 Superconference: 15 works entered and 14 awards won in both photography and art.
Two national competitions:
2005 Association of Texas Photography Teachers National Fall Photography Contest: One third place and two honorable mentions received out of 3,000 prints.
2006 Texas A&M University High School Shoot-Out: Two second places, one third place, and one honorable mention received out of 2,560 prints from 37 high schools.
International competition:
2006 PIEA (Photo Imaging Educational Association) International Photography Competition: One first place, one second place, one third place, and two honorable mentions out of 5,915 images entered.
• Science Fair
Three students won Discovery Young Scientist Challenge Awards sponsored by the Discovery Channel; two blue ribbons in Class 1, two red ribbons in Class 2, an honorable mention, and the Sigma Tau, Isaac Walton, and Sierra Club Awards were received.

One National Merit Commended Scholar.

Sports Achievements

Overall, this was a terrific year with six Varsity Sports teams or individuals qualifying for state tournaments. This was the most ever in a single year.
The Girls Varsity Basketball team was regional champion with a 78-75 triple overtime victory. Our top player scored 49 points, a school record in this game. This was the first appearance of a Maharishi School basketball team at the state tournament. She was also chosen as 1st team all state. This was a first ever for Maharishi School.
The Boys Tennis team was runner-up at the State tournament. It is now nine times that Maharishi School has been in the final four.
A Girls Tennis team player placed 2nd at the State singles championship.
The Boys Golf team qualified for the State tournament for the second time in 3 years, and placed 6th overall.
The Boys Track team won first place at State in Long Jump.
The Boys Track team had its best year ever. One student won first place in the Long Jump and another placed 5th in the 400m. The track team set seven school records this year.
The Girls Track team set two school records this year and qualified one event for the State track meet.

Individual Faculty Awards

• Carolyn Waksman, Upper School Photography teacher, received a National Honor Roll Outstanding American Teachers Award. This award recognizes the positive difference the teacher has made in the lives of their students. The State Governor and U.S. senators are notified of this award.
• On behalf of Upper School art teacher Greg Thatcher, Maharishi University of Management (M.U.M.) received a $1,000 Mini-Grant from the Iowa Arts Council to support an exhibit of art work by Mr. Thatcher in Unity Gallery on M.U.M. campus, as well as to produce a museum-quality catalog to accompany and promote the exhibit.

Individual Student Achievements

• Sofia Iwobi received a four-year scholarship to the University of Vermont Basketball Program. Iwobi scored 1303 points in her career, a school record.
• Steven George won first place in the Iowa State Long Jump competition, and won a sports scholarship to Illinois University at Champagne, Urbana.
• Atish Dey won a prestigious, full tuition, summer program scholarship for the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine to go to Baylor Medical College, Houston, and Texas A&M in July 2006.

• For the second year in a row, Maharishi School junior Anjali Krystofiak was selected by the Iowa High School Music Association (IHSMA) to participate as a violinist in the All-State Orchestra. Lee Anne Blackmore, a sophomore at Maharishi School, was selected as the first alternate violinist.

• Ryan Smelcer, a 6th grade student in the Upper Elementary Boys’ class, was named Iowa Geographic Bee Semifinalist by the National Geographic Society. Ryan is the first student from Maharishi School ever to place in the top 100 state qualifiers.

• Upper Elementary student, Brandon Prather-Huff, won third place at the State swimming finals. His back stroke qualified to go to State through the Fairfield Parks and Recreation swim team.

Launch of new pioneering book by Dr. Ashley Deans A Record of Excellence: The Remarkable Success of Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment

Dr. Ashley Deans gives a clear, concise, and compelling account of how Maharishi School and Consciousness-BasedSM education has achieved over 20 years of unprecedented results academically, and in sports, the arts, and creativity. To date nearly all the first 5,000 books printed have been sold.

New School Website

In February 2006, a new, state-of-the-art school website went online with daily and weekly updates of news, achievements, photographs, media news, site additions, and improvements.

Education Tour Creates Huge Demand for Transcendental Meditation® Program in Schools

Maharishi School’s new Expansion Office, headed by Molly Cutter, organized a tour to promote Maharishi School and Consciousness-Based education throughout the United States and Canada.

U.S. Peace Government president Dr. John Hagelin, Dr. Ashley Deans, and a renowned panel of educators and scientists completed their extremely successful national tour to promote Consciousness-Basededucation and the impact of the Transcendental Meditation program on educational outcomes.

The speakers visited 13 major cities in Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, New York, and New England and spoke at luncheon conferences to over 1,200 principals, superintendents, teachers, school board members, and local government leaders.

Dr. Deans then toured Canada with a team of Canadian scientists and educators. Dr. Deans also toured Australia and New Zealand.

Facilities: Maharishi School Goes Solar!

In January 2006, a 1.1 kilowatt solar electric power system was installed in Maharishi School’s courtyard, funded by a $15,000 Solar 4 R Schools grant from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) of Portland, Oregon. This new system of six solar panels will supply part of the School’s energy requirements.

The project also implements a renewable energy curriculum “Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmetic and Renewable Energy” for Middle and Upper School students to educate them on the specifics and benefits of solar electric (photovoltaic) power.

Very Successful Spring Fundraiser

Under the leadership of Springli Johnson, Maharishi School had the most successful Spring Fundraiser in recent years. The fundraiser included five Maharishi Yagya® performances for the extended meditating community from Fairfield and around the United States and Canada.
Jane Hopson Memorial Fund: As part of the Spring Fundraiser, funds were also raised for the Jane Hopson Memorial Fund, founded by Chris Hartnett and Bruce Hauptman, for scholarships for Maharishi School students.


Congratulations to everyone for such a successful year!



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