Preschool and Lower School Faculty

Asha Sharma - Sanskrit Teacher

Asha Sharma has a B.S. in Chemistry, Zoology and Botany from Lal Bahadur Shastri Government College, Kotputli, University of Rajasthan and a Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care from IGNOU. She also received training in Electron Microscope from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. She has studied Sanskrit for 10 years and she is a Sanskrit teacher at Maharishi School.
“I am fortunate to be a part of the Maharishi School faculty. Students get the best from Eastern and Western cultures in this school. The vibration of Sanskrit recitation develops the thinking processes of students and is a source of creativity and development. Students learn the way to success without stress. Teaching here is a joy and fun.”

Syndy Casey - Music Teacher

Syndy Casey, a native of Cincinnati, OH learned to read music before learning to read words. Beginning on piano at age 5, music came very naturally to her and was a primary catalyst in the success of every aspect of her learning experience. Ms. Casey began violin at the age of 9 in the 4th grade in the Princeton City School system in Cincinnati. Beginning on violin then switching to cello (while still continuing piano), Ms Casey studied with members of the Cincinnati Symphony while still in elementary school. Teaching music was never a question for Ms. Casey. While performance was always a part of her life, teaching music was always the goal, and the experience has been both challenging and deeply fulfilling over the last 20 years.

A graduate of Loyola University in New Orleans, Ms. Casey received her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education with a Minor in Cello Performance in 1988. While in school, Ms Casey began several band and string programs in the parochial schools in New Orleans as a part of her “hands-on” teaching education at Loyola. Ms. Casey also had the opportunity to travel to Eastern Europe with the Loyola Chamber Orchestra performing in Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece.

Upon graduation, Ms. Casey moved to Fairfield, CT where she became a public school orchestra director and first began her professional work with the Music Educator’s National Conference (MENC, the professional association of music educators, now known as NAfME). Ms. Casey has lived and worked all over the country, starting string programs in each location. Gathering her Master’s Credit from many Universities throughout the country as she travelled, Ms. Casey received her final graduate credits from Indiana Wesleyan University in Teacher Education and Leadership.

Throughout her career as a public school orchestra director, Ms. Casey has had the pleasure and good fortune to travel with her students all over the country, including one non-performance trip to England, France, and Italy. Ms Casey has encouraged her students to participate in local and state events, and has taken her groups to contests and state music festivals, as well as performance tour experiences that stretched from Canada to Florida and from Hawaii to Washington D.C.

After 18 years as a teacher in public schools, Ms. Casey desired a change, most specifically to search for meaning and groundedness behind the desire to learn, grow, and teach. After resigning from her orchestra position, Ms. Casey taught general music for two short years at the Challenge Foundation Academy located in the highest inner city poverty area of Indianapolis. In this elementary program, Ms. Casey taught general music theory, chorus, history, curricular symbiosis, and of course, began a string program.

Ms. Casey also teaches string instruments as a morning enrichment program before school begins.

Kathleen Siemsen - 3rd/4th Boys

Kathleen Siemsen has been teaching at Maharishi School since 1982, when her family moved from Ames, to Fairfield, Iowa. "I guess you could say my first teaching experience was when I was attending a one-room country school near Newton, Iowa. As I grew, I spent many hours helping the younger students learn to read, memorize their math facts, and I enjoyed doing whatever I could to foster their learning. That was a valuable experience that shaped my choice of what to do in life."

Ms. Siemsen received her B.S. in Elementary Education from Iowa State University in 1968 and her first teaching job was in Mitchellville, Iowa where she taught 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. She also taught in an Ames preschool for several years, and volunteered in an elementary school there, while raising her family.

Kathleen's four children all attended and graduated from Maharishi School. She loves the fact that currently two of her grandchildren are enrolled at the school. Most of her experience at Maharishi School has been in teaching 3rd and 4th graders, but she did have a brief stint, early on, as a preschool teacher, followed by being the Lower School office manager.

"After four decades of teaching, I still find that with each passing year I discover new things, learn invaluable lessons, and cherish the time I spend with these bright, young souls. I feel very blessed indeed."

Meg Vigmostad - 3rd/4th Girls

Meg Vigmostad has been a teacher at Maharishi School since August of 1982, with a break from spring of 1985 until February of 1987. She taught preschool, kindergarten, was a resource teacher for 6 years and now teaches Intermediate Girls. Meg taught in Montessori Schools on the East Coast, West Coast, and in St. Louis for six years before coming to Fairfield. She has training in AMI Montessori in Philadelphia from 1971 to 1972 and received her AMI Certification. She worked in orphanages in Irvington and Peekskill, New York for a year before Montessori training and graduated from St. Mary's Dominican College in May of 1970 with BA in education. She is the proud grandmother of Sam, one, and Vidya, ten months.

Armando Tejada - Preschool Teacher and Administrator

Armando received his Bachelor’s degrees in English and Psychology from Georgetown University. Armando’s experience in working with children includes two years as a substitute teacher at the Children First, Inc. child care centers in Washington, DC and Maclean, VA, as well as three years as the School Age Teacher and five years as the Director at the Bright Horizons Irvine Child Care Center in Irvine, CA. He has worked in (and supervised) classrooms with children from 3 months to 12 years of age and has maintained a nationally accredited center under NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children).

Armando understands that Consciousness-Based education philosophically promotes what is important in childhood development and parallels many leading standards for child-centered curriculum. Fostering growth and learning naturally—through an enriching environment and a child’s curiosity and passion—ensure a successful program. Armando and his wife, Laura, moved from California to Fairfield in June 2011 to further their knowledge of Maharishi’s teachings and to raise their children here.

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