Middle School

"The Nature of Life is to Grow"

More than any other time in your student's career, Middle School is a time of change—a time of rapid growth and self-discovery. At Maharishi Middle School, your student will gain stability and a deep sense of Self through their twice daily practice of Transcendental Meditation®, a technique that provides deep rest as well as the experience of pure consciousness, the source of thought, the source of all creativity and intelligence.

This inner experience of lively creativity and stability allows our faculty to help your student easily develop study skills and explore academics, the arts—including speech and drama—and sports. When your young adult moves on to Upper School, he/she will be grounded, poised and self-confident, have developed his/her own interests, and will be ready for new challenges.

Science of Creative Intelligence

Students will expand the study of SCI to school and community, tradition and culture and to the stages of their own development. More

Language Arts

The study of the language arts develops your student's ability to think deeply and express him/herself clearly and effectively in any situation. More


Students will explore earth, physical, and biological sciences through hands-on inquiry, lab work, and will apply findings to real world situations. More


Middle School mathematics emphasizes mastery of basics while preparing for higher-level thinking. More


Speech covers public speaking, drama, and dramatic character preparation for the Iowa High School Speech Association (IHSSA) Large Group competition. More


Our Middle School Art program expands on the Lower School Foundation Art program and covers ceramics, woodcarving, and photography. More

Social Sciences

Middle School Social Sciences include the study of geography and American History. More


Scientific research has shown that during the reading or recitation of Sanskrit, the functioning of the brain becomes highly coherent. More

P.E. and Sports

Your student will participate daily in physical education and an Iowa Junior High State competitive sport. More

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