Lower School

"Well Begun is Half Done"

Your Lower School student will begin and end each school day with the Transcendental Meditation® technique to enliven the holistic functioning of the brain. If your child is under 10 years of age then he/she will practice the Maharishi Word of Wisdom program, a walking technique appropriate for younger children. Our Maharishi School teachers will attend to the individual needs of your child. By nourishing every child, a warm and supportive atmosphere is created that allows learning to be easy and fun. Our teachers focus on your childs’ holistic development, appreciating individual strengths and guiding him/her towards achievement of the highest standards. Our teachers work together to ensure that every stage in the curriculum prepares your child for the next stage, creating balance among disciplines and among standard components of learning.

Science of Creative Intelligence

By integrating SCI into all subjects, your child begins to understand that nature's intelligence is experienced within him/herself. More

Language Arts

Through exposure, expression, and evaluation of language, your child will unfold his/her ability as both a reader and skilled communicator. More

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum begins with your child’s understanding of the world and naturally expands to encompass wider fields of influence. More


Our Science program allows your child’s natural curiosity to flow through the development of processing skills related to scientific inquiry. More

Information Literacy

Our program teaches essential skills for locating, evaluating, and using information and emphasizes an understanding of why the quality of information matters. More


Your child will learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide through the use of Vedic Math formulas, enlivening the whole brain physiology. More


Scientific research has shown that during the reading or recitation of Sanskrit, the functioning of the brain becomes highly coherent. More


Through exploratory experiences and structured art lessons, your child will have a chance to express his/her developing creativity. More

P.E. and Sports

Our athletic program teaches and conditions your child without strain. Your child will build skills, strength, flexibility, and fitness while learning to be a good sport. More

Nature Explore Classroom

Offering a cornucopia of play possibilities, this beautiful outdoor space provides hands-on nature experiences. More

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