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The Upper School

The Upper School program is designed to give students a solid foundation in the traditional secondary school subjects and to prepare them for success in all areas of life. Every student begins and ends the school day with the practice of the Transcendental Meditation program.

Some of the students also practice an advanced meditation program called the TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying. These techniques further prepare the minds of the students for success in all of their endeavors, whether it is in academics, sports, the arts, or social interactions. A nourishing, supportive environment further encourages the students’ holistic development. Our faculty takes responsibility for helping the children grow into well-rounded, confident, and respectful adults. Our mission is to train the future leaders of the world in all fields.

Single-Gender Education

Our student body is divided into a Girls School and a Boys School. All classes are single gender, which simplifies and strengthens the secondary school experience. Without distraction, students are able to focus on their studies, which enhances both academic success and the development of a high self-esteem and self-sufficiency. We also observe that a single-gender environment helps the students to develop the strengths and qualities needed later in life.

Our faculty takes responsibility for helping the children grow into well rounded, confident, and respectful adults.