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Two Boys

Single-Gender Education

Maharishi School has three divisions:

  1. Boys‚ Middle and Upper School,
  2. Girls‚ Middle and Upper School, and
  3. Lower School, which has separate classes for girls and boys.

It is our experience that boys and girls focus on their studies better in a single-gender situation. These observations are borne out by the research below.

In the year 2000 the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Goodman Research Group surveyed 4,274 alumni of girls schools for the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools. Girls schools alumni were overwhelmingly positive in their responses. Visit the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools site http://www.ncgs.org to see the results of the study.

Some responses included:

  • 93% agreed that girls schools provide greater leadership opportunities than coeducational schools; additionally 80% had held leadership positions since graduating from school;
  • 88% would repeat their girls school experience;
  • 83% perceived themselves to be better prepared for college than female counterparts from coeducational high schools.

A four-year study recently released (2005) by researchers at Cambridge University in England looked at gender differences in education. A total of 50 schools were involved, with the object of looking at schools that had successfully improved student performance while also narrowing the gap in achievement between boys and girls.

The researchers found that single-gender classrooms were remarkably effective at boosting boys’ performance, particularly in English and foreign languages, as well as improving girls’ performance in science and math.

Maharishi School is committed to single-gender education and its proven benefits, because we have found that for both boys and girls, the experience of single-gender education is important for their emotional growth, academic progress, and general well-being.

Of course, single-gender education alone does not develop the total creative potential of any student. For that, Consciousness-Based education is necessary.

For both boys and girls the experience of single gender education is important for their emotional growth, academic progress, and general well-being.