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Online Databases for Students

The following resources are recommended for student research.

On the following AEA website, there are links to student-friendly search engines, Iowa AEA Online resources (Clip Art, AP Photo, EBSCO magazine database, United Streaming Digital Video, World Book Online, Atomic Learning, and Accuweather), Noodle Tools (that helps create a bibliography) and information on copyright laws for student projects.

To use the resources at Iowa AEA Online, you will need a user name and password to log in. Password information is available from your teachers at school or from the school librarian. Email: kshaw@msae.edu

Other online databases available for students are listed below. These also require a user name and password.

American Government: www.americangovernment.abc-clio.com
American History: www.americanhistory.abc-clio.com
Ancient History: www.ancienthistory.abc-clio.com
State Geography: www.stategeography.abc-clio.com
World History: www.worldhistory.abc-clio.com
World Geography: www.worldgeography.abc-clio.com

If you do not already have a password, please contact Kathy Shaw, New Indian School Librarian at kshaw@msae.edu.

These are just some of the many online resources available to our students and monitored by our Librarian.