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Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular school-sponsored programs offer the child opportunity for further growth in carefully supervised, developmentally appropriate activities. Young children need ample time for socialization, creative expression, and physical activity. Whether during the lunch hour or after school, students can enjoy a variety of enriching programs including choir, band, Destination Imagination, and Enrichment Sports.


Boys’ and girls’ choirs meet weekly during the lunch hour, and are open to all students in grades two through six. The choirs focus on vocal instruction and performance training. They perform at various festivals and events including New Indian School’s annual holiday and year-end musical shows.

Instrumental Program

The aim of the Instrumental Program is to expand the horizons and deepen the personal experience of music for students, elementary through high school. Students rehearse after school, twice a week in beginning, intermediate, or advanced ensembles. A music theory course, which integrates dance choreography into their performance numbers, is also offered.

Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination is one of the largest creativity and problem-solving competitions in the world. This very popular, extracurricular program helps children develop creativity, critical thinking ability, and project management skills. Teamwork and cooperation are emphasized, developing self-confidence in devising and presenting solutions.

Teams prepare for competition in two kinds of problems. Central Team Challenges are structural, technical, or theatrical problems, which take several months to solve. Instant Challenges stimulate the team’s ability to think quickly and creatively with only minutes to improvise solutions to unforeseen problems.

Enrichment Sports

On weekday mornings before school, third through sixth grade students have the opportunity to participate in an hour of extracurricular sports. The Lower School physical education teacher supervises this program. Students can participate in the seasonal sports of fall soccer and volleyball, winter basketball, and spring track/cross training. There is a strong emphasis on tennis during track/cross training season. The primary focus of this program is to make team sports fun for all. Even with the individual sports like tennis and track, group activities are taught to help foster a sense of team spirit and love of sports.

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Young children need ample time for socialization, creative expression, and physical activity.