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Teaching Faculty Credentials

Parastoo Arsanjani B.A. Fashion Design
Anne Balf B.A. Political Science; Elementary Certification
Martha Blackmore M.A. Higher Education Administration; B.A. Science of Creative Intelligence
Laura Bordow M.A. Science of Creative Intelligence; B.A. Psychology & Education
Rena Boone B.A. Elementary Education; A.A. Social Science
Alan Colby A.B. Sociology; A.M. World Religions; M.A. Higher Education Administration
Cheryl Carter B.S. Secondary Education—English, Talented and Gifted, and Secondary Reading
John Connet B. Sc. Electrical Engineering
Randy Coplin Ph.D Sociology; M.A. Education; M.A. Maharishi Vedic Science
Ashley Deans Ph.D Physics; M.S. Physical Methods of Analysis; B.S. Physics
Cynthia Cornell M.A. Secondary Education—Reading Specialist; B.A. Secondary Education—English
Mousumi Dey (Ph.D) M.D.; M.A. Health Administration
Patricia Dollive M.A. Secondary Education—English; B.A. Literature & Composition
Lawrence Eyre M.A. New Testament; B.A. American Studies
Laurie Eyre M.A. Science of Creative Intelligence; M.A. Math Education; B.A. Mathematics
Jane Fleshman M.A. Educational Administration; B.A. Science of Creative Intelligence
Deanna Freeberg Two years study Education & History
Kristina Gelfand B. A. English; (M.A. Science of Creative Intelligence near completion)
Marcy Gritz B.A. Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education
Lucinda Hall M.A. Secondary Education—English; B.A. Literature; A.A. Theater, Radio, & TV
Patrick Hardigree M.A. Science of Creative Intelligence; B.A. Recreation
Susan Hathaway B.A. Health Education, Sociology, and Physical Education
Barbara Hays Five years Electrical Engineering
Brendan Higgins Massage Certification; two years training for A.A. Athletic Training and Sports and Leisure
Diane James B.S. Elementary Education
Tom Kepler B.A. English; Certification/A.A. Language Arts
Ria Kinzel M.A. English; M.A. Science of Creative Intelligence; B.A. Education; B.A. English & History; Certificate of Librarianship
Marie Loiselle M.A. Higher Education Administration; B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies
Gail Lynch B.A. Biology; Elementary Education Certification
Susan Marcus Three years Liberal Arts Major
Jennifer Nelson M.A. Elementary Education; B.A. English Literature
Wendie Nelson B.S. Elementary Education and Special Education
Carolyn Orne M.A. Elementary Education; B.A. English & Education
Shane Orne M.A. Theology; B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies
Diane Prather Ph.D Optometry
Matt Seiter B.A. Education
Kathy Siemsen B.S. Elementary Education
Johan Svenson B.S. Mathematics; B.A. Maharishi Ayurvedic Medicine
Mary Tarnoff Three years study of Science and Education
Greg Thatcher M.F.A. and B.F.A. Painting & Drawing
James Turner M.A. History; B.A. History
Karen Valentine B.F.A. & B.A. Education
Kathleen Vetter M.A. Elementary Education; M.A. Education; B.A. History
Meg Vigmostad B.A. Elementary Education; Montessori Diploma
Carolyn Waksman B.A. Secondary Art Education/Certified; Graduate Courses in Photography and 3D Fiber Sculpture
Terry Weiss B.Sc. Geology
Mark Wilkins B.A. Humanities
Charlotte Zmachinsky M.A. Elementary Education; B.A. English & Art; Teacher Certificate

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