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What Parents and Students Say

When it came time to decide where to send my son, Colin, to preschool I did my research and went to a few places. I had already spent some time with Colin at the Maharishi Preschool and knew that it was a sweet, encouraging, and fun place to be. What I didn't appreciate until I compared it to the other options was the community of parents and teachers that went along with MSAE.

“It is not just that the teachers are all wonderful, selfless individuals who make it a priority to point out all the wonderful things about my child on a regular basis - they seem to love him as much as I do!! - or that the parents all share the same values as my husband and I, or even that the children are all from enlightened homes and families.

“It is that I don't have to worry for one moment that my son is going to learn anything but positive and uplifting lessons and that he will treated with anything but kindness, patience, and love. There are lots of wonderful schools in this country
and they all have something to offer. But can any of them offer a place for your child to grow and develop that feels like coming home?”
Celeste Siemsen

Our oldest daughter Kelly is a recent graduate of Maharishi School. When we asked her what she enjoyed about her experiences at the School, she told us, "I really liked the deep friendships I made with the other students and with many of the teachers. It always felt like one big extended family. I also enjoyed being in a school where the atmosphere is saturated with the calming influence of meditation. For me it made the whole learning experience more enjoyable.

“Everything my instructors taught us always had a wholeness point. This point would relate to the subject we were studying and to ourselves. This knowledge created a huge unifying experience for me because I realized how everything is connected to everything else, not only in nature but in my self.”

“As parents we are proud and deeply content with the education and beautiful experiences that our daughter had during her years at Maharishi School. We would encourage any parent that wants the best for their children’s education to consider Maharishi School, for its commitment to the highest standards of ideal education is impeccable. Our city is very fortunate to have this great school in our community.”

Ed and Vicki Malloy
Mayor of Fairfield

“As a parent, I feel very fortunate my children attended Maharishi School and studied Consciousness-Based education. They have gained the value of inner knowledge as well as outer knowledge, which is unique to Maharishi School. They are bright, well adjusted, and prepared to enter their next phase of life with a strong foundation. As far as my knowledge, there is no better education in this country.”

Harriet and Warren Berman

“It was hard for me to leave my friends and family on the East Coast, but the minute we got to Fairfield, it immediately changed. As soon as the kids started Maharishi School I saw how happy they were. After being in Fairfield for awhile… I realized how important it was to have this holistic education in our children’s life.”

Nancy Incorvia
Mother of Valedictorian, Class of 2000

“I have six children ranging from six years old to almost 23. My oldest…started kindergarten here [at Maharishi School] many years ago. She has gone all the way through the system. I have felt over the years that this [education] is the greatest thing I could give my children.”

Springli Johnson

“I feel the education my daughter receives at Maharishi School is invaluable to her personal growth. I would not consider her going to another school because it is not only the education that she’s learning, it’s what she is learning inside.”

Katherine Walmsley
Moved from Canada to put her child in Maharishi School.

Here is a testimonial from parents who have twin daughters in 10th grade.

“We came from Arica, Chile to Fairfield in 1994, leaving behind relatives, friends, culture, language, job, etc.—just to enroll our children in Maharishi School. We are seeing them every day, growing in terms of wisdom, happiness and academic skills so much so that, we can not think of a better legacy to leave them for getting the best out of life.

We have no doubt that Consciousness-Based education, offered by Maharishi School, is the best education for any child anywhere in the world. We wish that any parent could achieve these goals for their precious children as well.”

Jose and Tina Morales

“The teachers at Maharishi School instilled in me an understanding of universal connectedness; learning something new just seems like a natural extension of something I already know. From my perspective today, I see the whole map—and getting to where I want to go is just a matter of following the most effortless and logical path. Thank you, teachers. We want our children to have every bit as inspiring an education as we had.”

Ben Podoll, Class of 1993.
Married Heather Levi (also of Maharishi School) in 1996. Daughter, Katherine, was born in 1998. Received a B.B.A. in Finance with honors from the University of Iowa. In 1997-2000 worked at Merrill Lynch. Currently working at Zimmerman Capital Group as an investment analyst.

“Attending Maharishi School was one of the greatest privileges of our lives. Looking back we are enormously grateful to all of the people who contributed to these happy memories and who created such an enriching and uplifting educational experience for us. One thing that makes the environment at Maharishi School so unique is that it not only encourages development of a student’s mind but of his or her whole Self, the development of enlightenment. This is an incredible thing as a young person, to grow up in an environment where all those around you believe and encourage you to believe that you have the ability to fulfill any desire, that you have all of the organizing power of the universe within you, that you are the universe. To grow up in this atmosphere of overwhelming positivity has allowed us as adults to aim high with our goals and go after these goals with confidence because we believe in and have experienced the infinite creative potential within ourselves.”

Arjuna and Lucie Martlin (Mullenneaux) Class of 1993.
Arjuna graduated from the University of Iowa (1997) and has been trading stock ever since. He is co-owner of Marrott trading office in Vero Beach. Lucie graduated cum laude from Maharishi University of Management (1998) with a major in Maharishi Vedic Medicine. She is a full-time teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program.

“After graduating from Maharishi School, I went through Northwestern University’s rigorous and competitive theater program. Maharishi School provided me with more than just facts and figures. It taught me the ability to optimize my rest and maintain clarity and composure which are essential qualities for creating a compelling performance. In college, I did more than just keep up. I excelled. Maharishi School education directly led to my success in college and its teachers deserve to be praised and rewarded as society’s greatest contributors.”

Sam Lieb, Class of 1993.
Graduated 1997 from Northwestern. Founding member of a theater production company in New York City. Currently co-creating a touring show to open in New York.

Alumnus of Maharishi School, with children now in the School:
It is such a great feeling having our children at Maharishi School. As pioneer students, we saw the potential of what the school could become. However, I'm not sure I could even imagine at that time what the school has become today.

“The learning environment is new and beautiful, the teachers are born educators, and the children have cultural opportunities available to them on a daily basis. When we were younger, we were constantly being reminded of the uniqueness of our education since we were forging a new paradigm of learning.

“Today what I see in my children, their friends, and all of the students, is that they do not need to be reminded since it is such a natural part of who they are.
They are innocently realizing that they have a gift, and that they are fortunate. This inner strength combined with their openess is such a powerful tool and reinforces in us every day why we put our children in the school and why we have chosen to stay in Fairfield.

“When I walk with my daughter up the steps to her classroom at Maharishi School, I’m filled with an amazing sense of security knowing that she is in their caring hands and that they will motivate her to excel as they motivated me. I regard all of my teachers as members of my family and feel so grateful to them for helping me with each stepping stone to adulthood. Their devotion to teaching us was displayed in their thoughtful lessons, their charming personalities, and their compassionate hearts.

“As a mother of three young children I try to integrate the same principles into their lives that my teachers naturally integrated into the curriculum. I am forever grateful to them for showing me how Maharishi’s knowledge and vision of perfection in life can be applied to the classroom and, more importantly, how this vision creates a bond between parent, student, and teacher for life.”

Caty Bacal Titus, Class of 1987, B.A. and M.A. from Maharishi University of Management.
Married Emmanuel Titus, a Maharishi University of Management graduate from France, who is presently the Senior Financial Advisor at a large investment firm. Lives in Fairfield with their three children.

“Long after most of the nation’s students have forgotten the lessons they learned in school, the Maharishi School graduate has a unique routine structured into his being for life. I recently celebrated my 10-year reunion with the Maharishi School class of ‘88. I was deeply struck by how close we all were after so many years. Many of us had not seen each other since the day we graduated. We were engineers and salesmen, had been married and divorced, we had children and pets, had received honors and gone unrecognized, but underneath all of the societal trappings that now clothed us we knew each other as well as we knew our own families.

“An underlying unity connected us across the years and allowed us to feel deeply at home with one another, and to interact as easily as if we had never left. I wish I could better describe the sensation; all I can say is that this feeling of unity did not exist at my college reunions. I think many people go through life not even knowing that what they are looking for is that feeling of connectedness. I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to attend Maharishi School.”

Angela Orange Koblitz, Class of 1988.
Graduated from Grinnell College and earned an M.A. in Russian Languages from Monterey Institute of Foreign Languages. Married to David Koblitz with two children and works as an interpreter in Pacifica, California. Thanks to the dedicated faculty at Maharishi School, every student learns amazing techniques for success in life and as a result the entire educational experience is one of deep knowledge and great inspiration.

“My education provided me with an incredibly strong foundation upon which to build my college career. I will always be grateful to my parents for having the wisdom to send me to Maharishi School and to the outstanding faculty for teaching me how to fulfill my dreams.”

Tyler Cleveland, Class of 1997.
Three-time Class 1-A State High School Singles Tennis Champion, 2000 University of Iowa Athlete of the Year, Number One Big Ten Tennis Player of the Year 2000 and 2001, Big Ten Tennis Sportsman of the Year 2000. Tyler has worked for a seminar company, taught tennis professionally, and is now on the Professional Tour.

“My appreciation of Maharishi School continues to grow with every year. I think that Maharishi School instilled in us a sense of self-confidence, awareness and peace that becomes increasingly evident with the passing of time. In college, I realized that the comprehension, writing and presentation skills I learned were at or above the level of my colleagues from respected east coast prep schools. In the positions I have held since college, I have succeeded with creativity, problem-solving skills and the ability to develop strong, profitable relationships with customers. I feel that many of these qualities are the result of the unique environment created by the teachers at Maharishi School. However, I think that the most important gift that Maharishi School bestows upon every student is the belief that there are limitless possibilities in life, and that we truly can fulfill all of our dreams and desires. For this, I am eternally grateful.”

Heidi Cleveland, Class of 1992.
Graduated cum laude, Dartmouth College, B.A. in Government. Currently working for Cable & wireless. Engaged to Rod Teeple, with plans to live in San Diego, California.

“I really enjoyed my Maharishi School experiences—the faculty and staff were always knowledgeable, helpful, and genuinely interested in my personal well-being and my fellow students were bright, creative, energetic, and lots of fun. As time goes by, my memories of those days grow in fondness and appreciation of just how special it all was. “I feel very strongly that the Consciousness-Based education at Maharishi School is absolutely vital if you desire to educate the whole person—about the nature of their inner reality as lively deep silence, as well as about the outer world of relationships, action, and the larger environments of community, country, planet, and cosmos. I know that when I have children, I want them to have the benefits of this truly holistic education. That is why Maharishi School is the only school that I would consider for their education.”

Kyle Cleveland, Class of 1991.
Attended Maharishi University of Management, University of Iowa, and graduated Trinity University, Texas (1995) with a B.A. in Finance. Married Chandra Cain, April 26, 2001. Kyle has worked for a seminar company, taught tennis professionally, and has been trading stocks since 1997.

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