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Welcome to Admissions

Our Admissions Office, faculty, and staff look forward to assisting you in all aspects of the admission process.

Maharishi School has been offering Consciousness-Based education for 30 years with unprecedented success. Maharishi School has an open admissions policy so that any student can have the opportunity to develop their total creative potential and achieve success in life.

We welcome visitors to the School to observe this unique system of education. To make an appointment to visit Maharishi School, call the Admissions Office at 641-472-9400 extension 5064 or e-mail the Registrar at: admissions@msae.edu.


Please call the Admissions Office at 641 472 9400 # 5064, or e-mail Admissions at: admissions@msae.edu for registration guidelines and dates.

Registration takes place in the Spring prior to the following academic year.The non-refundable deposit is due at this time. Tuition fees are due in August and January of the academic year.

Recruitment and Expansion for Maharishi School

Maharishi School Office of Expansion focuses on public relations, the media, and recruitment for Consciousness-Based education and Maharishi School.

The Office of Expansion is a source of information for prospective students and parents on the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation program and Consciousness-Based education, and gives presentations to parents, students, educators, and government leaders throughout the United States and internationally.

In May and October 2006, Dr. Ashley Deans, Director of the School, will do tours of the United States and Canada to publicize his new book A Record of Excellence, The Remarkable Success of the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment. Details of these tours will be available here on this page and on the School News page as they are finalized.

For further information, please call 641-472-9400, ext. 5700 or 5701. Thank you.

CitiAssist Loan for learning the Transcendental Meditation technique

The CitiAssist Loan for all school students to learn the Transcendental Meditation technique is now available through the Maharishi School Office of Expansion. Click here for more information.

Maharishi School has implemented practical, holistic education for 30 years and has an open admissions policy.