School Profile

Know Yourself.

The desire to know yourself and understand your connection to the universe is natural. 

At Maharishi School, we believe knowing yourself is critical for students to develop their full potential. Our unique programs and techniques help all students, PS-12th grade, cultivate their sense of self.

Think Deeply.

Maharishi School values depth of learning and innovative ideas over learning a breadth of facts.

Our approach cultivates a vertical thinking process and encourages students to make connections between day-to-day concepts and universal principles. Our Honors classes push this critical thinking to greater depths.

Unleash Your Creativity.

Creativity abounds in every person.

When students meditate and release stress twice a day, happiness increases and their creativity is unleashed. It's an exciting process to experience. This is what happens at Maharishi School.


Maharishi School provides a transformative day and boarding experience which develops students' ability to know themselves, think deeply, unleash their creativity, and succeed in a purposefully small and safe environment.

About: Maharishi School is a co-ed, non-sectarian, day and boarding college preparatory school with students from over 32 countries. The School offers traditional subjects augmented with interdisciplinary study that develops deeper levels of thinking, knowledge and relationships. Integrated into the students’ schedule is the daily practice of Transcendental Meditation and yoga.

The daily schedule also includes a 70-minute project period to pursue passions and build portfolios. Students propose their own projects or select group projects: play production, rocketry, ceramics, app prototyping, culinary arts, entrepeneurship, fashion design, songwriting, music production, and film production.

Our small size enables us to know every student deeply, with special programs like the Individual Learning Profile, Plan and Portfolio each student prepares.

Location: Located in Fairfield, Iowa, Maharishi School shares a 9-acre campus with Maharishi University of Management (MUM), an international university with approximately 1,400 students from 85 countries. Fairfield is 2 hours from Des Moines, 1.5 hours from Cedar Rapids, and 4.5 hours from Chicago.

Student Body: 182 Students, 62 in Upper School, 22 boarding students, 25% international students

Average Class Size: 12 students
Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 12:1

For Girls: soccer, golf, cross country, tennis, volleyball, track
For Boys: soccer, golf, cross country, tennis, basketball, and track

Campus Features: Three stately brick buildings form the main classroom complex which overlook a courtyard complete with an orchard, rose garden, and 4,100 sq. ft. organic greenhouse. The School also has a seed-to-table kitchen, 2 libraries, 2 computer labs, 3 art rooms, 1 fully equipped digital and conventional photography lab and 2 music rooms. The spacious auditorium is well-equipped for performances and community gatherings. Athletic facilities include a soccer field; a gymnasium for basketball and volleyball competitions; a huge recreation center with 4 indoor tennis courts, 3 basketball courts, a climbing wall, indoor track, a cardio & weight training room; and a nearby lake for water sports like canoeing, kayaking, ice skating and cross country skiing. Maharishi University of Management facilities (shared with Maharishi School) include: theatre, library, outdoor swimming pool, and outdoor tennis courts.

Project-Based Learning allows for more time to pursue passions and build a portfolio by having an 80-minute project period each day. Students can select pre-designed projects such as: play production, rocketry, ceramics and kiln building, application prototyping, earth to table (ceramics and cooking), performing arts, entrepreneurship, fashion design, game show production, music, freelance design, songwriting and music production, film production, and food blog. Students are also encouraged to propose their own projects.

Athletics, Student Clubs & Extracurricular Programs: Soccer, Golf, Cross Country, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Cooking, Literary Society, Science, Music, Improv, Gardening, Film, Robotics, Drama Competition (Iowa High School Speech Association Competition), Destination Imagination (International Creative Problem Solving competition)

English Language Learning (ELL): The ELL program meets daily for one class period in which students take individualized English Language learning courses that are structured to meet their language needs. Students work at their skill level in reading, writing, speaking and listening. In addition, students take ELL leveled academic courses as needed in American History, American Government, Math, Science, and Literature. ELL course grades reflect that the content has been modified to suit their language levels.

Honors Courses: Motivated students can earn academic distinction in our Honors program, offered in each core subject. Honors require scholarly initiative, original thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Host Families: Our boarding students live with host families, providing personal support and immersion in American culture. Host families are carefully selected and communicate frequently with natural parents.

College Placement: Over 95% of graduates are admitted to top colleges and universities. Our college counselors assist each student in the college search and application process. Recent graduates attend outstanding universities: UC-Berkeley, MIT, Washington, Middlebury, Grinnell, Babson, Cincinnati School of Design.

Accreditation and Memberships: Maharishi School is accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS). The Iowa Department of Education has granted college preparatory special accreditation to the middle and upper schools in recognition of the high percentage of graduates accepted at four year colleges and universities. The school is a member of the National Association of Independent School and the Small Boarding Schools Association.


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