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Your kids will love it. Hey, it's a carnival!

Need a break?

Well, then bring your kids (grades 1 and up) to the New Indian School Carnival on February 13th, 6:00 - 8:30 PM, at the School’s assembly hall. There will be lots of games, a funhouse, a magic show, puppet show, and a slapstick comedy act. There even will be a fortune teller. Maharishi Middle School students will be drawing YOU as an animated character, face painting, and applying temporary tattoos. Your kids will love the carnival!

You can just drop-off your kids and have a romantic dinner with your loved one. Twenty dollars is recommended for tickets.

Your kids will love it. Hey, it's a carnival!

This carnival is a part of Maharishi Middle School’s project-based curriculum, where students envision, plan, develop, and then complete their project goals as a part of their education. For this carnival, students have learned skills, researched, created games, painted sets, and administered this project in order to create a fun experience for the lower school children.

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