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Walk and Roll to School!

Walk & Roll to School!
Help the environment by walking or riding a bike to school!

Walk and Roll
Last year Maharishi School earned $4,985.00 through the “Cash for Gas” campaign. Several generous donors wanted our students to learn how each person can make a contribution to the earth through a simple change of habit. By riding bikes, walking, or jogging to school, students and families can take responsibility for helping reduce the amount of pollution generated by cars that is damaging the environment.
Our donors are willing to donate to Maharishi School again this month to encourage not only our students but all of us - students, parents, faculty and staff - to walk, bike, scoot or jog to school. Our donors want to kick off this effort NOW!
Each car-free trip to school will earn $2.00 or more per student.
Our hope is to raise $10,000 to build our Classroom Kitchen, a vital part of the Seed to Table and Sustainability Program. The Seed to Table program allows students to plant, grow, study, harvest, dice, chop, prepare and consume fresh fruits and vegetables, grown in our 4100 square foot greenhouse and edible school yard.
Walk and Roll! Between today and September 16th please make the effort to get to school and return home without your car.
Each morning, an adult with a clipboard will be stationed at the school entrance to keep track.
Get exercise, help the earth, and earn money for Maharishi School!


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