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US Students Visit Sicily: EEG To Demonstrate Brain Effects

English translation of the press release that appeared in Italian newspapers announcing the arrival of Maharishi School seniors:

Better Brains, Less Stress With Student Meditation.

US Students To Visit Sicily: EEG To Demonstrate Brain Effects

Fairfield, Iowa, USA – 20 US high school students are bringing portable EEG technology to Italy (Sicily, Florence and Rome) to demonstrate the immediate calm created with the practice of meditation. The change takes place within minutes. The students are visiting from Maharishi School, of Fairfield, Iowa, USA, the first US high school to incorporate meditation, yoga and organic food into the school.

The group of 9 boys will visit Catania, and Palermo, Sicily from March 21st to 24th March and then travel to Rome; and the 11 girls will visit Florence from the 21st to the 24th and join the boys in Rome.

Maharishi School principal Dr Richard Beall says “Research shows the practice of Transcendental Meditation twice a day lowers stress, improves grades, and increases intelligence in students. Our students are not only happier and they are consistently high academic achievers. Our students consistently score in the top one percent on national standardized tests, and the school has won over 100 state, national, and international championships in the past decade."

The school reflects a growing trend in US schools to lower student stress. Film director David Lynch has recently created a worldwide foundation to support inclusion of meditation practice “Quiet Time” in schools.

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