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Thanksgiving Greetings

Dear New Indian School Parents, Faculty, Staff, and Board of Directors,

It's become one of my favorite moments in the New Indian School year, a tradition firmly established in Middle and Upper Boys Schools: the annual Pie & Chai Thanksgiving celebration.

In addition to the goodies, we circulate around all of the boys and their teachers to share something for which they are grateful.

It's something to behold--the abundance of good will, the open expression of brotherly love, the appreciation for their families, teachers, and Maharishi's knowledge. What better way to start and savor this holiday's true spirit.

Today I was escorting a new student around the school; he'll officially join us on Monday. He sat in on the festivities--complete with his own piece of pumpkin pie--and as we were completing our tour of the school and meeting teachers, he commented, "This place is really great. It's like a family."

Yes, it is. For that--for the contributions each of you make in building this blessed coherent community--I am thankful. We hold each of you in our collective hearts as integral parts of our New Indian School family, and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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