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Students Take Top Awards at State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa

The State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa (SSTFI) was held April 4 at Iowa State University in Ames. According to the website, “The SSTFI is affiliated with the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair, the world's premier pre-collegiate science fair. During the event over 350 student research projects presented by more than 450 students are judged on the following criteria: creative ability, scientific thought or technology goals, research thoroughness, technical skill, clarity and dramatic value in the oral presentation.”

Atreya Dey, senior, placed 1st in the chemistry category and 3rd in the Senior Individual Physical Seminar. He also won the Stockholm Junior Water Prize. Atreya’s research, about new ways to clean polluted water, is entitled Biobased Ferrite Nanoparticles: A Novel Approach to Extract Organic Solvents and Heavy Metals from Water. His adult sponsor is Dr. Mousumi Dey.

Raph Burne, senior, placed 1st in the Senior Individual Physical Seminar, 2nd in the Engineering category, Senior High Semi-Finalist, and received an Iowa Energy Center award for his project entitled Building Materials of the Future: Honeycomb Cardboard. Raph’s adult sponsor is Alicia Schiller.

Dominic Borg, senior, placed 3rd in the engineering category for his research entitled The Effects of Acoustic Damping on the Bass Response of Loudspeakers. His adult sponsor is Karen Price.

Pearl Sawhney, junior, and Surya Sawhney, freshman, were honored as Overall Senior High Team Reserve Champions, Senior High Semi-Finalists, placed 1st for the Senior Team Seminar and 2nd in the Behavioral & Social Science category for their research entitled Consumption of Animal Protein vs. Plant Protein: Exploring Solutions to Obesity and Environmental Sustainability. Rajeev Sawhney is their adult sponsor.

Sam Arsanjani, junior, placed 2nd in the Computer Science category, received the Intel Excellence in Computer Science award, and was a Senior High Semi-Finalist for his project entitled RoboRescue: Using AI and Bayesian Networks in Swarms of Robots to Simulate and Increase Efficiency in Search and Rescue Operations. Karen Price is his adult sponsor.

Vinit Suganur, freshman, placed 2nd in the Plant Sciences category, and 3rd in the Individual Biological Seminar for his research entitled A Comparative Study of the Effect of Caffeine and Coffee Grounds on Soybean Growth and Metabolism. Dr. Mousumi Dey is his adult sponsor.

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