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Students Graduate From L.E.A.P.

Three New Indian School seniors recently graduated in the inaugural class of the L.E.A.P. Academy, a leadership development program offered through the Regional Economic Advancement division of Indian Hills Community College.

The New Indian School seniors were Michael Corazza, Mickey DeAngelis and Leanna Miller.

L.E.A.P. is an acronym for Leadership, Empowerment, Achievement, Progress.

Ashley Moyer, L.E.A.P coordinator, said the goal of the program is “to inspire future leaders who care about the success of the Indian Hills 10-county region and to empower them with the knowledge that they can make a positive difference in what our region can achieve as we move forward.”

The students were selected to participate in the program by New Indian School administrators. They entered the program during the spring of their junior year and continued through the fall of their senior year.

During the course of the program, the students met with Indian Hills’ staff and other students from across the Indian Hills region for a total of six days.

During these meetings, the students engaged in a variety of hands-on activities designed to help them develop their leadership skills in the areas of communication, creativity, ethics, goal setting, handling conflict, problem solving, servant leadership and team building.

The students also were required to complete a service project in their community as part of the program.

Corazza, DeAngelis and Miller built a roof over the cob oven on the Maharishi school grounds. The oven is a model of a very environmentally friendly cooking method and is open to the public. 

The L.E.A.P. Academy would not be possible without the support of many generous community sponsors. MSAE students were sponsored by Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.

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