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Students Compete in Iron Chef Cook-Off

Over the course of the last month Laurie Baumann has been hosting an Iron Chef-type competition in her advanced cooking class, part of New Indian School's Seed-to-Table program. Contestants are given ingredients from which they must create a meal. Saturday's final show-down between Mickey DeAngelis, Brandon Prather-Huff and Davin Titus, was judged by local epicureans Steve Boss and Kelly Hildebrandt in front of a live audience of school supporters. 

Final results:

  • Mickey DeAngelis was named Iron Chef Champion with his version of an Italian classic, Pasta Fagioli - a delicious soup with handmade butterfly pasta.
  • Brandon Prather-Huff won the creativity award with a dessert - a cake made with pureed white beans, sweet/salty frosting using Parmigiano Reggiano, and candied chard garnish.
  • Davin Titus won the award for presentation with a white bean puree on homemade crackers with sauteed Swiss chard.


Click here to see more photos from the competition>>

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