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Seed-to-Table Kitchen Fundraiser Launched

We just launched our fundraising campaign for the seed-to-table kitchen at Maharishi School. Visit this link on Kickstarter to watch the short video and find out how YOU can help students learn where their food comes from - hands-on.

Here we are in southeast Iowa, home of factory farms and fast-food culture, a culture that promotes diabetes and other diseases that are affecting young people more than ever before. Our objective is to shift this culture by creating a seed-to-table program for our students and developing a model for area teachers.

We have a mature, edible landscape and a 4,100 square foot greenhouse where our K-12 students plant, study and harvest. Our local university is a resource for us and is known for its sustainable living program. What we haven't had until now is a kitchen where students can learn about nutrition first hand and experience the joy of sharing food at the table that they've grown and prepared themselves. In our seed to table program they will not only learn gardening and cooking, but will also study science, math, social studies, and other academics.

We've begun construction with the $38,000 we’ve raised to date. The next step is to complete our cabinets and tables and purchase appliances.

Learning in the garden and kitchen is exciting and joyful for students and will create a platform for life-long appreciation for eating well and being stewards of the environment.

Our deadline is Monday, June 4th, just before school ends. We want to be able to let our students and teachers know that they'll be cooking in our new kitchen when they return from summer break.

Please help us finish our kitchen and start cooking! Your support will provide funding to cover:

  • Cabinets and counter-height tables
  • Sinks, ovens, cooktops, refrigerator/freezer
  • Small appliances like mixers and blenders
  • Dishes, flatware, pots and pans, mixing bowls, utensils
  • In addition to making a donation, you can also help us by:
  • Posting our Kickstarter page link on your Facebook page and any other social media accounts you use.
  • Emailing our message to your friends and family and include the link to our Kickstarter page.
  • Embedding our Kickstarter link in your signature from now until June 4.


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