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Middle school teacher and alumnus, Richard Incorvia, is doing great projects with his students. He wants to create a documentary about this unique program. Here's what he has to say:

Imagine a middle school where students choose to do real-world work. Follow the journey of teens who have taken over the local news.

Our Goal

We want to inspire other students and teachers by creating an hour-long documentary that tells the story of our unique and powerful approach to learning.

The failure of today’s education paradigm comes from the disconnect between what’s happening in the classroom and the real world.

We want our documentary to simply show results. We aren't pushing an agenda. We aren't trying to sell something. We want to show happy students achieving amazing things and let their successes speak for themselves.

Who Are We?

We are a small middle school that has transformed learning by putting down textbooks and picking up real responsibility. By design, our students do not receive lectures, but learn by working in professional fields.

In English and Social Studies, our students run a daily local news FM radio show. The students do 100% of the work. They schedule every interview, do all of the audio editing, and make every deadline. We are also expanding into TV and print news.

This is not an after school activity. This is our actual class.

Our 12 to 14 year-olds are passionate about being involved in their community and building real skills and learning.

What We Need

Promotional Art Videos: Promotional Art Videos is a talented and successful local film company. They made our jazzy kickstarter video at the top of this page. Our students will get to work with their team for over two weeks during the filming process. The owner of the Promotional Art Videos is Sudevi Mossé, an alumna of our school. She is very excited to work on our project.
Film Festival Entries: We would like to show off our excellent work in national and regional film festivals. Awards can help point more eyes at our amazing results.
DVD Production and Distribution of the Film.

Click here to read more, listen to a sample of the radio show and support the project>>>

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