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Report from the Independent Schools Association of the Central States

Dear Maharishi School Community,

It's official!!

We just received notice from the President of the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS) that:

"The school's Visiting Team Report was accepted [by the ISACS Board of Trustees], and the school continues as a member in good standing and with full accreditation."

This is an achievement by our entire community. Many of you contributed to the 32 reports submitted in our Self Study, and in a variety of other ways with the Visiting Team. This marks a successful completion of another 7-year accreditation cycle with ISACS. Congratulations!!

The format for the Visiting Team Evaluation Reports includes 5 Major Commendations and 5 Major Recommendations:


  • 1. Dedication and continuous commitment to the school’s founding and guiding principles of Consciousness-Based Education.
  • 2. Family-like community that nourishes each student within a safe, supportive, enriching, and low stress environment.
  • 3. Dedicated constituent groups—faculty/staff, Board of Directors, alumni, parents--who work selflessly to realize the school’s mission and to support the full development of its students.
  • 4. Students whose successes and achievements exemplify the effects of Consciousness-Based Education.
  • 5. Commitment to school improvement, growth, and independent-school best practices through the ISACS accreditation process.


  • 1. Engage in frequent, scheduled dialogue within the school community regarding school decision-making processes, clarity of roles and responsibilities, and agreement on and consistent enforcement of school policies and procedures in order to foster greater trust, transparency, collaboration, and morale.
  • 2. Determine the appropriate staffing levels and structure to ensure the effective and efficient implementation of school mission, program, and operations.
  • 3. Implement with sustained vigilance the school’s identified plans to increase enrollment and enhance fundraising in order to ensure operational sustainability and continued growth, including long-deserved salary increases for faculty and staff.
  • 4. Prioritize and communicate the goals of the new strategic plan and develop specific action steps, including identification of and commitment to resources needed, so as to better ensure their full and complete implementation.
  • 5. Articulate and market how Consciousness-Based Education provides the foundation upon which student success and growth are built.


For every report we prepared, the Visiting Team also responded with specific Commendations and Recommendations. These will now be sent to each Committee for their consideration and to drive continual improvement throughout our School.


So the accreditation process really never ends, but we should be satisfied as a school community with the completion of this phase. As Joe Marshall, the wonderful Visiting Team Leader, stated in his Conclusion to the report:

The ISACS Visiting Accreditation Team wants to thank the entire Maharishi School community for its warm, welcoming, gracious, and courteous hospitality. Students, faculty/staff, Board of Directors, parents, and alumni were open to the team’s inquires and helped us to review the school and to offer our assessment. All of our conversations were thoughtful and candid. This honest dialogue made it easy for us to gain a full sense of the school and the essence of its mission and guiding principles.

On behalf of the visiting team, I thank all of you for making this evaluation such a rewarding experience for us. It was a pleasure to visit your campus, observe your classes, and better understand your unique mission and philosophy. We also thank you for the quality, honesty, detail, and thoughtfulness you provided in the Self-Study as well as on our visit over the past four days.

The paramount benefit of the ISACS accreditation process is a school using the Self-Study and Constituent Survey as the basis for thoughtful and honest analysis and assessment of who you are, what you believe, how you measure success, what your strengths are, and what areas need further attention. The visiting team was pleased to see such a strong congruence between the contents of the Self-Study and the visiting team’s actual experience while at your school.

On a personal level, I want to thank you for welcoming me as the visiting team chair. From the moment I visited the Maharishi School last fall, I felt strong affinity for your school. There is a clear sense of purpose, familial collegiality, and a deep commitment to educating a child’s complete being—mind, character and consciousness. I was honored to lead this team and to be able to get to know you and your school better.

Without a doubt, Maharishi School should be very proud of its accomplishments and its proud legacy.

Like any fine school, Maharishi School has many sterling attributes but also has areas that need attention. We are hopeful that our major commendations capture the distinguishing qualities of your fine school and that our major recommendations will help Maharishi School continue to grow and flourish. Similarly, we hope the commendations and recommendations in each section of the report will help advance specific areas of the school.

Again, I want to thank the entire Maharishi School community for giving the visiting team and me the opportunity to learn more about your school and to be part of your continuing growth and progress.

Thanks, everyone, for your contributions that made this possible, and have a great summer!


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