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Preschool Students Get Rocket Demonstration

This week in the classroom...

The preschool class had a presentation by the Middle School students about their rocket designs. The preschool students prepared the following questions:

  • What makes the rocket go really high?
  • What does the parachute do?
  • What came out of the rocket?
  • Can we see one of the rockets up close?
  • How far did the highest rocket go?
  • How does the parachute open and come out?

They saw two rockets up close and were able to touch them. The children learned that there is special paper that is fire proof, a straw that is taped to the side, slides onto the launcher to keep it straight, and sometimes the cone on the top prevents the parachute from coming out. They helped with the countdown and saw two rockets launch high into the sky.

It was very exciting!

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